lag baomer

Diaspora Ministry holds event for COVID-19-hit Jewish communities

"Our heart beats as one; we must stand together in hard times," said Minister Tzipi Hotovely. * Event held right after Lag Ba'omer, which tradition says was the end of a plague killing thousands.

Air pollution reduced by 90% after Lag Ba'omer bonfire ban - report

The ban was set to prevent mass gatherings in order to curb the spread of COVID-19.

A JEWISH bride waits for her groom during a traditional wedding ceremony in Jerusalem
How will the Lag Ba'omer wedding season be affected by COVID-19?

Israel has barred public Lag Ba'omer barbecues, which typically dot parks across the country, and even as it has begun lifting some restrictions, large gatherings remain illegal.

Bnei Brak residents gather around a bonfire, singing songs.
Massive crowds gather in Mea Shearim for Lag Ba'omer bonfires - watch

In Bnei Brak, hundreds of residents gathered around a fire lit in the middle of Damesek Eliezer Street. Police arrived at the scene, quickly extinguished the flames and dispersed the crowds.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish boys dance around a bonfire as they celebrate the Jewish holiday of Lag Ba'Ome
Nentanyahu tweets hand-drawn Lag Ba'omer greeting

Netanyahu uploaded his Lag BaOmer greeting on his Twitter account, where he wrote, "Lag B'omer - this year bonfires only on Zoom!"

Lag Baomer bonfire
Taking the fire out of Lag Ba'omer amid coronavirus in Israel

Just as COVID-19 put a crimp in Passover Seders, Remembrance Day grieving of bereaved families, and Independence Day celebrations, so too is it altering the Lag Ba'omer celebrations this year.

Mount Meron celebrations contested as only one woman is invited

Only 150 people have been given permission to attend the festival. Among the 150 invitees, only a single woman has received an invitation.

Ancient coin tied to Jewish rebellion against Romans found in Jerusalem

Out of 22,000 ancient coins found in the Old City, only four can be traced back to Bar Kochba rebellion.

Yad L'Achim accepting names for Lag Ba'omer prayers at Bar Yochai's tomb

Last week, police sealed off the holy site, and only residents will be allowed into the town of Meron until after the Lag Ba’omer celebrations.

Migdal Ohr hosts virtual COVID-19 fundraiser concert on Lag Ba'omer

Mordecai ben David, Yaakov Shweky and Ishay Ribo will perform together for the first time in a three-hour show.

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