A new, life-changing experience awaits expectant mothers at Sheba Medical Center

The entire complex was designed and built to the highest standards in order to provide a safe and relaxing experience, while simultaneously ensuring maximum privacy and comfort.

(photo credit: SHEBA MEDICAL CENTER)
Tremendous amounts of thought and resources have been invested into creating the most advanced and technologically sophisticated maternity division available in Israel today. The Josef Buchmann Gynecology and Maternity Center at Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan recently debuted the first phase of its new maternity facility, which offers a dedicated Maternity Emergency Room; an extensive array of fully equipped, en suite examination rooms; a unique isolation delivery room (the only one of its kind in Israel); tailor-made rooms for induction of labor; and post-delivery recovery rooms.
This division is equipped to handle the most complex and intricate cases and serves as a referral center for the entire country. The second phase of the project will include renovation and renewal of existing maternity rooms and new maternity wards. The entire complex was designed and built to the highest standards in order to provide a safe and relaxing experience, while simultaneously ensuring maximum privacy and comfort. Expectant mothers are greeted with a welcoming oasis of quiet and well-being at the entrance to the Maternity Center, highlighted by comfortable reclining sofas, physiotherapy exercise balls, television screens, a kitchenette and a cellphone recharging station.
The Maternity Center prides itself on safety first. A central screen displaying all active fetal monitors shows mothers-to-be are being fully supervised at all times. The system sends out warnings to all staff in the event of any fetal distress. A full ultrasound unit is available that includes a portable ultrasound device which can be used at the bedside. For those expectant mothers in need of a “push,” a set of three roomy and peaceful suites have been designed to accommodate induction of labor or, if needed, the provision of critical treatment. In total, there are nine examination rooms and four comfortable recovery rooms, all of which can also serve as delivery rooms.
Within the first two hours after giving birth, women are in need of close supervision. For this purpose there are private rooms that enable a new mother to be moved from the delivery room but still be under the eye of a midwife. Here a mother can choose to have her baby stay by her side or in the nursery.
SHEBA IS also renowned in Israel and around the world for its advanced High-Risk Pregnancy Department, led by Prof. Shali Mazaki-Tovi. The department is equipped to provide highly skilled services in a safe and comfortable environment for both the mother and her unborn child, while remaining sensitive to any special patient needs be they personal, cultural or emotional. The department contains 16 double rooms and four triple rooms.
Mazaki-Tovi revealed that his department at Sheba deals with nearly 4,000 high-risk pregnancies a year, by far the largest number of any hospital in Israel.
“We work within specific parameters when it comes to high-risk pregnancies, from determining a condition, disease, underlying causes... to premature deliveries and beyond,” Mazaki-Tovi explained.
“We face many challenges on a daily basis. A considerable number of mothers suffer from diabetes. Some have a significant increase in blood pressure. Sometimes the fetus is too small or too big. All of these factors can endanger both the mother and fetus. The increase in obesity in Israeli society is approaching epidemic proportions and has had a direct impact on pregnant women. We are blessed with a talented staff that is equipped with advanced technologies that are used in fetal therapy and intervention.”
For Mazaki-Tovi, nothing is out of the ordinary. “We are constantly challenged with many interesting cases, such as a mother with identical twins, where they weren’t sharing the placenta’s blood flow equally. In other words, one was getting too much while the other was not getting enough,” he recalled. The doctor and his team in that case performed a laser ablation, a placental intervention that resulted in the Sheba team being able to equalize the blood flow of each fetus. And yes, mom delivered healthy, identical twins!
Sheba is also home to the “Sheba Baby Hotel.”
Following delivery, new hospitality rooms are available for mothers and their spouses. A large number of the rooms were recently renovated and refurbished, and the remainder of rooms are expected to soon follow suit. The new, well-appointed rooms are in fact luxurious and pampering suites that have adjustable beds, parquet flooring, a sofa bed, lounging area, sun terrace, new air conditioning, a well-equipped bathroom and much more. New mothers and their spouses can also enjoy sumptuous meals in the adjacent dining room. It’s a pampering service that has become a popular aspect of the Sheba birthing experience.
This article was written in cooperation with Sheba Medical Center.
For more information, go to Nashim.sheba.co.il or call 03-530-5200.