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How do women use their eggs years after freezing them?

A study conducted by researchers in Israel found that many women didn’t use their eggs, and only a few eventually managed to get pregnant. Here's what we found out about the procedure

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  Pregnant woman (illustrative)

93% of pregnant women hospitalized with COVID-19 were unvaccinated

A study looked at women hospitalized with the virus in 2021, and found that most were unvaccinated. The median age of symptomatic pregnant women was 28.

New moms were more likely to face depression during the first year of pandemic-study

Researchers surprisingly found that states with a greater increase in postpartum depression symptoms tended to have fewer deaths from COVID and lower unemployment rates among women.

A plastinated fetus is seen during the exhibition "Body Worlds" by Gunther von Hagen in Rome

Stress during pregnancy may affect fetal brain development

Researchers examined MRI scans of babies' brains and found those whose parents reported high stress during pregnancy had larger left hippocampi.

COVID-19 pandemic led to more postpartum depression cases in Israel

Some 15% of the approximately 180,000 pregnant women in Israel annually report developing symptoms of depression and anxiety during pregnancy.

Hadassah doctor helps woman have baby after she was told she couldn't

Jennifer Lopez was told having another baby would kill her after suffering a stroke at the age of 29.

Violence, racism and disrespect: The dark side of Israel’s maternity wards

Women feel exposed and vulnerable during childbirth, and when the mother feels that she’s disrespected and treated with contempt, the experience can be very difficult.

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Knowledge is power: How to reduce anxiety levels before giving birth

An Israeli team of researchers found a method that reduced a mother's anxiety and helped her cope during and after a C-section.

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This Facebook group is empowering pregnant/postpartum women

Ima Hozeret L’Jeans – Mom’s Back in Her Jeans – is the largest, leading Facebook community in Israel today focusing on female empowerment, fitness, nutrition and support.

Pregnancy (Illustrative)

Preserving the mysteries of childbirth - opinion

What if you just want to keep guessing until the day of birth, and then be dazzled by whatever appears?

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