Seeing red

Style coach Elana Shap and photographer Natalie Muallem track down street style in the colors of love.

Seeing red (photo credit: NATALIE MUALLEM)
Seeing red
(photo credit: NATALIE MUALLEM)
Red is the signature color for Valentine’s Day (think red roses and a bottle of Merlot), but wearing red on a romantic evening out requires some thought.
Scientific studies show red will make your date’s heart beat faster and has the power to captivate, but that doesn’t mean that it will automatically suit your personality. If sexy and daring are not how you would like to be perceived, then limit red to your accessories or just vamp up your lips and/or nails. Pink is a great fall-back if you want to project a softer image.
The lady in red
We couldn’t pass Maja from Denmark without noticing her statement red trench coat, feminized with a fluted scarf, floral skirt and softly swept-up strawberry blonde hair.
How come you speak Hebrew? My mother is Israeli, but I live in Denmark and I’m just visiting here.
Do you wear red a lot? Yes, I love the color red and wear it quite a bit.
Where will you spend Valentine’s Day? I will be back in Copenhagen, at my psychology studies and with my husband.
Casual red style
Tamar drew our attention with her bright red sweater and red folder.
Do you often wear red? No, this is just a casual sweater I put on after yoga. But my husband loves red, and I see to it that my son, who is three, also wears it. I always fight against dressing him just in blue, although that’s what stores of boys’s clothes are full of. I buy him girl’s clothes sometimes so I can get color into his wardrobe.
Why the red student’s folder? I am an art therapist, but am presently attending classes on Jungian psychotherapy, and these are my notes.
Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your husband? No, when is it?
Stylish retro ride
Put on your cat-eye sunglasses and take a ride around town with someone you love on a Vespa with a sidecar (for rent on the corner of Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Street and Ben- Gurion Boulevard). Either the red or the pink will do.
The man in pink
How refreshing to see a man in pink. Real-estate agent Sharon Cohen was happy we stopped him as he strolled up Ben-Gurion Boulevard.
Are you a liberated man who wears pink? Well, actually, I don’t wear it a lot, but since I separated from my wife, I want to make changes. I just bought the shirt at Castro yesterday.
Will you celebrate Valentine’s Day? I am hoping to meet someone new, so maybe the holiday of love is a good opportunity.
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