Theater, art and dance over the weekend.

chagall's song of david_521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
chagall's song of david_521
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Thoroughly modern Chagall
The Mané Katz Museum in Haifa has opened a new exhibition called “Chagall: Modernism and the Bible.” The iconic Jewish painter featured biblical references in many of his works and once said that he greatly admired some of the leading characters in the Bible.
The exhibition portrays the different methods of representation through which Chagall used biblical tales as a process that integrates expression of historical events with a cultural continuum and a longstanding artistic tradition. Chagall believed that the stories of the Bible illustrate the hardships the Jewish people have experienced in contemporary times, uniquely drawing on biblical symbols to represent current events.
The collection on show in Haifa includes Adam and Eve, painted in 1953-54, which the artist donated to the Haifa Museum of Art; David and His Harp, painted in 1980- 82, and Jacob’s Dream¸ painted in 1960-66.
The exhibition closes on June 12 and was curated by Svetlana Reingold.
For more information: (08) 838-3482 or
Making eyes at Darwish
On Monday (8:30 p.m.), the Arabic- Hebrew Theater in Jaffa will host a production of Eyes, which is based on the work of Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, who died in 2008.
The cast comprises three actresses and one actor – Mira Awad, Einat Weizman, Anat Hadid and Dorad Lidawi – who will portray Darwish’s life story, from his childhood in the Galilee to his exile in Lebanon. The characters in the tale include the poet’s mother, his beloved teacher, Shoshana, and his Jewish lover, Rita.
The bilingual production offers the public an introduction to some of Darwish’s work and an intriguing perspective on the local conflicts and some of the events that took place in this part of the world during his lifetime.
Eyes is directed by Norman Issa and the soundtrack was composed by Mira Awad.
For tickets and more information: (03) 518-5563
Natanela’s flashback
Veteran pop singer Natanela will offer the public a blast from the past on Monday (9:30 p.m.) at her “Loh Dibarnu Od Al Ahava” (“we haven’t yet talked about love”) show at the ACUM Beit Hatyotzer venue at Hangar 22 in the Tel Aviv Port.
The 58-year-old singer will be joined for the occasion by some longtime musical pals: Dorin Caspi, Ami Weinberg and Irit Ben-Zur. Caspi is the ex-wife of iconic singer-songwriter Mati Caspi, who wrote many of Natanela’s hits of the 1970s.
The concert program features Natanela’s best-known numbers, such as “Od Yavo Hayom” (“the day will come”), “Heyeh Li Haver” (“be my friend”) and “Shir Hayona” (“the dove song”), as well as the song the show is named for.
In addition to the musical entertainment, the members of the audience will get a better handle on the singer’s work and life when Natanela talks about how some of the songs were created and about the years she spent in Sweden.
For tickets and more information: (03) 611-3577.
Getting scientific in Haifa
Next Saturday, MadaTech – The Israel National Museum of Science in Haifa will hold an activity that will offer people of all ages some insight into how various structures are put together. The Building Sciences program will enlighten the public about how tall buildings are created and how it is possible to build a bridge without the use of screws, concrete or adhesive materials.
Patrons will also be able to view the museum’s permanent interactive exhibitions, in such areas as aviation, environmentally friendly energy and visual illusions, as well as the Adi Lera’ayati exhibition of jewelry items that Technion lecturer and researcher Prof. Dan Shechtman created for his wife.
For further information: (04) 861-4444 or
Theatrical in Herzliya
The new “Theatrical Gestures” exhibition opens tomorrow at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art.
The show incorporates works of art, from across a range of disciplines, which convey a sense of movement, facial expression and posture performed on stage, as well as the ongoing dialogue between the plastic arts and the performing arts.
The exhibition includes works by James Auldridge, David Altmejd, Neli Agassi, Adi Ness and Ulla von Brandenberg.
For more information: (09) 950-0762 or