Showtime:Breezing in Ashkelon

The annual Breeza Festival of Mediterranean music will take place at the National Park in Ashkelon from August 19 to 22.

Barnea quarter of Ashkelon 521 (photo credit: Courtesy Ashkelon Municipality)
Barnea quarter of Ashkelon 521
(photo credit: Courtesy Ashkelon Municipality)
A twist at every turn
The play Kasade, which will be performed at the Tmuna Theater in Tel Aviv on August 13 and 19 (both at 8 p.m.), takes a darkly humorous look at the trials and tribulations endured in this country by refugees from Eritrea. It was written by Yoav Bartel, who also shares directorial duties with Avigail Rubin. The production, which stars Ethiopian-born Emos Ayeno, Riki Blich, Guy Mesika and Yuli Skar, tells the tale of a refugee’s struggle to survive after making it to Israel and how he deals with the twists and turns of his life here. In addition to the onstage acting, the show incorporates animated video clips created by veteran animator and illustrator Mysh.
The title character is based on an Eritrean refugee Bartel met several years ago. Bartel devised the work to encourage us to examine the way we treat the subject of refugees and how that resonates with us.
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Breezing in Ashkelon
The annual Breeza Festival of Mediterranean music will take place at the National Park in Ashkelon from August 19 to 22. The roster of the four-day program features some of the top Israeli-born performers in the genre, such as Shlomi Shabat, Eyal Golan, Moshe Peretz and Kobi Aflalo, as well as Aviv Gefen, Keren Peles and some of the top contestants of the highly popular TV talent show The Voice. The final day of the festival will cater to the large local Russian community with a salute to some of the biggest names in Russian pop, such as Natalia Korliova and Alexei Glizin.
The main shows will take place in the park’s amphitheater, and there will be plenty of free live entertainment laid on in the Breeze Fun section of the festival proceedings, as well as a photography exhibition, a bar, food stalls, street performers, a chill-out spot and art installations. There will also be plenty of kid- and family-oriented activities and entertainment, including open-air movie screenings.
For tickets and more information: *8780 and Acre choruses
More than 700 choir and ensemble singers will perform in the Old City of Acre from August 11 to 16 in the framework of the Zimriyah Choir Festival. The choirs come from South Africa, Indonesia, Russia, the US and Israel, and the concerts feature leading conductors from all over the world, such as Argentina, Germany, Britain, Hungary and Finland.
In addition to the concerts, visitors can avail themselves of a fun theatrical musical tour of the Knights’ Halls, led by troubadour Hezi Levy and members of the Acre Theater. The public will also be able to get in on the action themselves at choral workshops overseen by some of the visiting conductors.
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Nativ is back
Singer-instrumentalist Shimrit Nativ will return to the entertainment fray after a hiatus of several months, when she joins forces with guitarist Roy Peled at the Hanut 31 gallery in Tel Aviv on August 18 (at 9 p.m.).
Nativ, who sings in English, will perform material from her upcoming album and will also play percussion and flute.
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Anchored in Ashdod
The Duet gallery in the Lev Ashdod shopping mall is hosting the “Oganim” (Anchors) exhibition of works by Moroccan-born local painter Pinto Salomon.
All the paintings in the show feed off Salomon’s fascination with sea vessels and the time he spent in the merchant marine. The works display richly colored and vivid images through which Salomon attempts to convey some of his personal and professional marine experiences and the importance of the anchor to seafarers. Admission is free.