City notes: Art, art, art

The time is right to revel in Israel’s rich arts scene – from activist painting, to sculptures hidden in nature, to innovative sound design. Pick your favorite, or try a few.

Feminity meets the tensions of war at the new Wilfrid Israel Museum exhibition. (photo credit: WORK BY MESHI KOPILEVICH; COURTESY WILFRID ISRAEL MUSEUM)
Feminity meets the tensions of war at the new Wilfrid Israel Museum exhibition.
Art and war The Wilfrid Israel Museum of Asian Art and Studies welcomes you to its new exhibition, “Loaded Silence,” which will open on November 4 and run through February 24. The exhibition, curated by Shir Mellar Yamaguchi, presents Israeli artists who “struggle in their work with the constant tension of existence in the shadow of an ongoing conflict, the militaristic culture in which we live, the wars of the past that continue to cause harm and the wars of the future.”
The works also comment on the ongoing presence of women’s organizations and voices speaking up in opposition to the use of violence and military forces in conflict resolution.
“Our national resilience,” the show states, “...has gradually become an especially thick skin that enables survival in the face of danger, but causes numbness, loss of sensitivity and the same roughness identified with Israeliness.”
• Starting November 4, Kibbutz Hazorea. Open hours: Monday and Wednesdays to Fridays, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.; Tuesdays noon to 5 p.m., Saturdays and holidays, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. NIS 30, NIS 15 for seniors. Info: Nelly Krugius at 050- 779-7376,
Sculpture in the garden
Today, October 20, catch the opening of the second exhibition of the Ramat Hasharon artists’ group. This meeting of art and nature, titled “Art at the Nursery” and curated by Ronit Tzur, will take place at the Shatil plant nursery, and feature the sculpture work of more than 25 artists. The works are artfully placed around the garden and their appearance will alter as sunlight shifts throughout the day. Many of the pieces were created exclusively for the exhibition and were crafted from a variety of materials, including wood, marble, ceramics, fabrics, cardboard, glass, bronze, iron and more.
• Beginning at 11:30 a.m. at the Shatil Nursery, 18 Jabotinsky Street, Ramat Hasharon. Free admission and all are welcome.
Meet the artists
On October 21, Oded Zaidel and Sharon Raz will offer a Hebrew- language gallery talk at the closing event of their exhibition, “Urban Twilight.” Raz is a photographer, architect and blogger who explores and documents old and abandoned buildings.
Zaidel is a painter who also works with photography, drawing and printing. His paintings are based on photographs of industrial landscapes and construction sites in the Jerusalem area.
Combined, they present a dazzling show of urban-inspired work, which has been described as containing mystery, darkness, dying and unknown fate, along with innocence and calm.
• Saturday at 8 p.m., Agrippas 12 Artists’ Gallery, 12 Agrippas Street, Jerusalem (entrance through Alboher Alley). Info: Sharon Raz 054-420-8050 or Oded Zaidel 054-237-4420.
Art takes over Jerusalem
Manofim, the Jerusalem Contemporary Art Festival, is coming to the capital October 24 to 28, for the ninth year running. The festival will begin with its opening on Mount Scopus and then spread throughout the city with a variety of events and exhibitions.
Additionally, this year the festival will feature its second annual conference around the theme “What Do We Do with Art?” Discussions will center on the artist’s “ritual” in the studio and include exclusive tours, symposia, lectures, workshops, films, talks with international artists and special music events. Some parts of the festival have limited space, so be sure to check out the schedule and pre-register for your favorites.
• Info:
Desert DJs and dancing
Cling to the last traces of summer by dancing your heart out in the desert at the 2017 Ragga Festival. In their words, “We love dancehall. We love Ragga. We love reggae. We like to dance. We love the desert.” The creators of the Oasis Festival are now launching a desert dancehall festival, featuring DJs and sound artists with reggae flare. Israeli and international DJs alike will perform – such as Moshik, Rudeboy Sound, Sabago, Jahrkon, Sensi Sound, Kore Dada and more.
• October 27 and 28. Tickets are limited and prices vary widely depending on when you sign up, so check out for event details, on-site camping information and registration. There is a shuttle to the festival from Tel Aviv with limited seating: for more info. The event is 18+ and no children will be admitted.