Showtime: Classical music and all that jazz

The quartet, Wilensky and Kogan will perform jazzy renditions of works by ershwin, Rodriguez and Garner in Haifa.

‘THE JAZZ SINGER’ 521 (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Classical music and all that jazz
There will be an intriguing bilateral confluence at St. John the Baptist Church in Haifa on November 10 at 12 noon when the Artus singing quartet from Poland and compatriot jazz pianist-composer Constantine Wilensky team up with Israeli flutist Anatoly Kogan.
Artus is an offshoot of the celebrated Cappella Gedanensis instrumental and choral ensemble, which was founded in Gdansk in 1981 and has gained an international reputation for its high quality a cappella renditions of ancient music, as well as readings of works by Mozart, Schubert, Handel and Vivaldi.
The group’s CD of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and a 2002 album of Christmas carols reached platinum sales.
The quartet, Wilensky and Kogan will perform jazzy renditions of works by the likes of Gershwin, Rodriguez and Garner, as well as English ballads and spirituals.
For tickets and more information: (02) 535-6954

Violin fantasy
Helena Yaralova of the Yiddishpiel Theater company is about to participate in the famed Thespis one-man theatrical festival in Kiel, Germany (November 9-16). However, before she boards her plane she will give a local audience a taste of what the German festival patrons can expect to see and hear when she gives a one-time performance of Fantasy for Love and Violin in Yiddish at Tzavta in Tel Aviv on November 8 at 5 p.m.
Fantasy for Love and Violin is based on Shalom Aleichem’s play, Stempenyu, and is directed by Marat Paschomovsky. The storyline relates the musings of a married woman who reminisces about an encounter she once had with the celebrated violinist Stempenyu. Yaralova performed the show at last year’s Theatronetto Festival.
For tickets and more information: (03) 690-1567 Ext. 2, (03) 525-4660 Exts. 1-2 or

Mahogany jazz
Celebrated American jazz vocalist Kevin Mahogany will appear with the Robert Anchipolovski Quartet at the Armored Corps Museum near Latrun on November 10 at 1 p.m.
Now 54 years old, Mahogany came to note in the 1990s when he released a string of big-selling albums, and maintained a busy international concert schedule, entertaining enthusiastic audiences all over the world with his slick vocal delivery and warm singing textures.
Over the last 20 years Mahogany has performed and recorded a wide range of material, from jazz standards to highly personalized renditions of pop songs. His oeuvre to date features several numbers that were made popular by iconic vocalist Nat King Cole, and next Saturday’s gig with Russian-born Israeli saxophonist Anchipolovski’s foursome will include some of the legendary singer’s hits.
Mahogany studied piano, clarinet and baritone saxophone before settling on vocals as his main avenue of creative pursuit, and his singing has been described as having an instrumental quality to it. He also performed with an R&B band in his hometown of Kansas City before eventually focusing on jazz.
In addition to Cole numbers, Mahogany and the quartet will also perform material popularized by a string of celebrated vocalists such as Johnny Hartman and Eddie Jefferson.
For tickets and more information: (02) 535-6954.

Thoughtful start
Zipi Landau is exhibiting works from her “Intentionally” show at the N&N Aman Gallery in Tel Aviv. This is Landau’s first exhibition for several years and incorporates a varied blend of techniques and disciplines in the 14 items on show.
Some of the works comprise collages of different textures, photographs, printouts, colored chalk work and acrylic, to form captivating images. The abstract creations include bright colors and a sense of a strong light, and feed off a powerful mix of local energies, emotions and movement.
Landau does not generally give her works titles, and none of the items in the “Intentionally” show have names. The artist says she prefers to allow the observer carte blanche in interpreting her work.
“Intentionally” closes on November 23.
For more information about the exhibition: (03) 523-2003.