Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of November 2

TIP FOR THE WEEK: When in doubt wait.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
Money matters may not be as simple or as clear as you first thought, and now is the time for paying close attention to small details and for open and honest discussions with an expert. You are in a better situation than you thought but are still not out of the woods. Problems from the past are easing up and as the days progress your self confidence grows.
HINT: Pace yourself if you want to get everything done without collapsing from exhaustion.
Naturally an optimist, you find it difficult to believe that there are people around you who are not whole-heartedly on your team. When the truth is revealed, your disappointment and disillusionment will cause regret and frustration. The good news is that there are many others who are more capable and who honestly have your best interests at heart. Trust your intuition and move on.
HINT: Wherever possible refrain from beginning new projects and if you must sign important documents, then read the fine print and ask a lot of questions.
You have a great deal of responsibility at work and are highly regarded both professionally and on a personal level. Now is the time for dealing with old problems and for tying off loose ends. The sooner you are free from past obligations the better. Nature does not like a vacuum, so ‘off with the old and on with the new’ should be your mantra. When speaking with a fire sign trust your judgment rather than getting caught up in their enthusiasm.
HINT: Monday and Tuesday are perfect for socializing.
This is the week for taking a step back and, rather than dwell on what is missing in your life, take a good hard look at all the wonderful things you have accomplished in the past couple of months. Of course there are many more items waiting to be crossed off your wish list, but the file is getting smaller as the days go by. Be prepared before you go into an important meeting on Wednesday or Thursday and if you don’t have the answer, don’t panic! The moment you relax, the answer will come back to you.
HINT: Time spent with another air sign is just what you need to find balance this week.
Take time off this week to catch up on some much needed rest. For the past few weeks you have been working overtime and not getting nearly enough sleep and you r health may suffer if you are not careful. Your relationship with another water sign is growing stronger as the bonds of trust thicken. At work you are always ready to lend a helping hand, but don’t be surprised if someone you trusted disappoints you. This person is used to taking rather than giving.
HINT: This may not be the best time to begin a diet or an exercise program but it is perfect for gathering information which can be used in the coming weeks.
You may find it difficult expressing yourself during the middle part of this week and even your partner and/or mate might not understand exactly what you are trying to say. Rather than get frustrated, take a breath and start again. Your ideas are important and it will be worth the effort to make sure your voice is heard. Before you commit yourself either verbally or on paper ask a few questions and then ask one or two more.
HINT: You cannot avoid or postpone dealing with financial matters for very much longer.
The time has come for you to take a break from all your hard work and plan a small, intimate dinner for the people you hold dearest. You are a fabulous host and those you decide to invite will be thrilled to accept your invitation. Money and financial matters have been a source of concern but as the weeks progress the problem eases up allowing you the space you need to make a purchase or two which has been on your mind for some time.
HINT: Remember, every time a door closes a window opens with a lovely view you might have missed otherwise.
You have so many projects in the offing that unless you keep very precise and accurate notes and accounts you may get bogged down under a pile of paperwork as the week progresses. This time you will have to rely on your own resources rather than reach out to a colleague or friend. When speaking with a family member, try to remember that this person marches to a much different beat than you ever did.
HINT: Sunday and Monday are perfect days for working on anything that demands precision and creativity.
Changes in your schedule are expected to try to be as flexible as possible. When dealing with family matters you need to try to be less involved emotionally. This is definitely not the time for major expenses or for beginning a new project which comes to mind. Instead, take baby steps and watch how, slowly but surely, you are able to accomplish all your goals. Think before you speak and then think again.
HINT: There are so many people who want to be included into your inner sanctum, but not everyone is deserving of a place at your table.
This is definitely not the time for spending money and major expenses should be avoided. A meeting or social function may be cancelled, postponed or delayed and you will have to adjust your schedule accordingly. The less upset you get the better especially when dealing with your partner and/or mate. A breakdown in communication between you both could cause some aggravation and frustration.
HINT: Avoid making any spur of the moment decisions.
Always a private person this week you may take matters to the extreme causing some strain between yourself and those closest to you. You always question yourself first before making any demands of others, but that does not mean that you are non-judgmental or that the other person appreciates your becoming involved in their personal lives.
HINT: Your financial situation is as good as it can be under the circumstances, so relax.
Over the past few months you are well aware of who your real friends are and who you need to be careful around. This week you may find it difficult to express yourself and rather than force the issue, you may be best served by taking a step back and collecting your thoughts. There are a few people who are very important to you and who are always ready to step in and pick up the slack. When dealing with a water sign, try to remember just how sensitive this person really is.
HINT: For the time being, keep precise notes and pay attention to the little details. You won’t be sorry.