Igniting a crowdfunding campaign: iAmIsrael

The iAmIsrael campaign features 18 of Israel’s best and most impactful organizations under one umbrella.

While the fireworks from Independence Day may have ended, the fire to do good burns on.
“As tensions across the world grow, we want to rally the global Jewish community around one thing that we can all agree upon: We need a strong Israel,” says Joseph Bornstein, CEO and Founder of CauseMatch.
The iAmIsrael campaign, hosted by the Jerusalem-based crowdfunding platform CauseMatch, features 18 of Israel’s best and most impactful organizations under one umbrella.
From Israel’s Independence Day until June 9, all 18 organizations have embarked on aggressive fund-raising campaigns. Every campaign has a 1:1 matching ratio that doubles each shekel that is contributed thanks to generous donors. What makes this campaign exciting is that it is all or nothing. Each campaign must reach its respective goal in the allotted time to unlock the matching funds.
“Each organization has a proven track record in making Israel a better, safer, stronger country. Now they’re turning to the Jewish world for help. This campaign is a true message of strength and unity and a rare example of collaboration within a diverse Jewish nonprofit world,” says Bornstein.
The participating organizations are: American Friends of Magen David Adom, Birthright Israel, Jerusalem U, Dream Doctors, HaBayit shel Benji, HaBoydem, Israel 365, METIV, Save a Child’s Heart, Shurat HaDin, StandWithUs, the Israel Project, the Koby Mandell Foundation, the Summit Institute, United Hatzalah, United With Israel, Yishuv Eli and Zichron Menachem.
Embedded within each organization is a commitment to strengthen Israel and its citizens.
Donors can give to one, some, or all of the 18 organizations participating in the campaign. Throughout the campaign, the iAmIsrael website will feature an organization every day to provide a better understanding of what the donations can help accomplish.
“We know the power that these matching grants have,” Bornstein says. “They give donors the chance to literally double their impact. It inspires them to give and to give more than they otherwise would.” CauseMatch has rapidly been growing to meet the demands of its growing client base.
“Our diversity is one of our many strengths,” Bornstein remarks.
“And it is directly reflected in the campaign. The opportunity for these life-saving and life-changing organizations to work together is, in itself, a tremendous milestone.”
The most inspiring aspect of the iAmIsrael campaign is the multiplicity of beneficiaries: Donors make an amplified impact with their gift thanks to matching donors, organizations leverage that impact to bring their missions to life, and Israel reaps the benefits of an outpouring of generosity and social action.
But the biggest winners of them all are the children fighting heart disease, the soldiers in the IDF, and the survivors of terrorist attacks in search of justice or emotional therapy.
By helping service recipients overcome the obstacles in their way, donors to the iAmIsrael campaign play an active role in developing Israel. They may not be turning marshes into fertile land, but they are the pioneers of this century, doing their part to pave the road for a brighter tomorrow.
Learn more: www.CauseMatch.com/iAmIsrael