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Astrology for the week of MARCH 7, 2014.

cute girl with astrological sign 370 (photo credit: screen shot)
cute girl with astrological sign 370
(photo credit: screen shot)
TIP FOR THE WEEK: Good week to go back and assess commitments and responsibilities. Don’t say YES when you mean NO.
Problems connected to money and finances ease up this week and if you are very careful concerning your spending, you should be able to begin lighten your debt and even pay it off completely.
New projects are always on your mind but this week, you need to stand firm and finish what is already on your plate before taking on a new venture. A conversation with another air sign will be much more pleasant than you had anticipated, so don’t hesitate to arrange a meeting.
HINT: Think twice before sharing some personal information.
Due to pressure at work, you may have to put in some extra hours to get things done on time. You work at your own pace and are very thorough and precise in everything you do, which sometimes causes a feeling of frustration and anger on your part. Don’t worry, your high standards are a mark that others are trying to achieve, even though they might not tell you.
HINT: Although your schedule is full, you will have time to begin to socialize this week, adding a sense of balance to your life that has been missing over the past few months.
You will be pleased to discover just how much you enjoy spending time at home this week. After so many weeks of meetings and working long hours, you are more than ready to kick off your shoes and relax with the people who are closest to you. Be patient with a partner and/or mate as your schedules may not allow for the type of communication you need and are accustomed to. This is a good week to begin paying off some of your debts, or for asking for money that people owe you.
HINT: You may feel a bit restless right now, and this is a good time to sign up at the gym.
All your creative juices bubble over and this is a good time for writing a major proposal or book, or even a course you would like to teach sometime in the future. You wear many hats and the time has come for you to choose satisfying your own needs for a change. Once you establish boundaries for yourself, you will also give a message to others as to what is and, more importantly, what is not acceptable behavior.
Time spent with an air sign is just what you need to get a better perspective on things.
HINT: Take time off from your busy schedule to rest over the weekend.
You may not feel as energetic and active right now and rather than push yourself, take a step back and use this opportunity to recharge and gather your strength for the next round of meetings. Always ready to lend a helping hand, this week you will have the opportunity to do something special for someone you particularly care about. Before signing any important papers or documents, get a second opinion and read the fine print.
HINT: Roadblocks in your career are easing up, and now is the time to make some important decisions.
For the past few weeks you have felt rather frustrated, as important meetings have been delayed or even postponed.
In the coming days you will feel a change for the better, and now is the time to reschedule. Wherever possible, for the next few weeks take a step back from any major spending.
You may find it difficult to get your ideas across and communicating may not be as satisfactory as you would wish.
HINT: Professionally, you are enjoying a period of pleasant cooperation with your co-workers and employers.
Insecurities that have been pestering you over the past few months are easing up, and you feel stronger and more in control as the days pass. You have a busy schedule and are beginning to resent not having more free time to create and do things you would like, rather than things you must do. Be patient with a sibling. This person really cared but is rather overwhelmed at the present. Time to take a good look at your home and make a few changes in order to clear up some issues that need addressing, in order to build the solid foundation you need.
HINT: Enjoy a pleasant week with your partner and/or mate.
For the past few months you have been involved in a personal quest to discover how you feel about people and things, and there have been moments when you felt rather overwhelmed. This week you can take a step back and appreciate the information gained and the greater perspective achieved. Now is the time for putting some of this knowledge into action. Once you begin to be active, you will regain your sense of optimism and self-confidence.
When in doubt, trust your intuition.
HINT: At home, think things over carefully and try to consider all the angles before making your move.
You feel confident in your choices and know that after months of contemplation, you have found the path you wish to take. For the time being, choose your confidants carefully and be miserly with the information you share. It is a good time to make plans to study or travel in the coming months. When the time is right, you will know it – and that is when you will make your move.
HINT: When speaking with an earth sign be prepared to hear all the little details, as this person never forgets to dot his i’s or cross his t’s. Patience.
The time has come for you to take a good long look at your goals, in order to accommodate the new opportunities which will be coming your way. Not everyone who smiles in your direction is a friend, and not everything you hear is the truth. But your powers of perception are strong and the more you believe in yourself, the better. Financially you continue to put money aside, and are in a much better position now than you have been in quite some time.
HINT: Your relationship with your partner and/or mate is becoming stronger as the days progress.
Pressures felt over the past few months are beginning to disappear and once again, you feel not only in control but confident in your decisions. The lessons learned will stand you in good stead, and this is the time for sharing some of your ideas with those closest to you. This week you may feel the need to redefine your goals as the vision for your future broadens and grows. When dealing with an air sign, pay attention to what is not being said.
HINT: Important meetings may be delayed or even canceled, so try to be as flexible as possible.
You may not know where to focus your energies and past insecurities could hold you back if you are not careful. This is the time to look inward and examine what your plans are for the future.
There is no rush and for now, you can simply let things simmer. The pleasant atmosphere at home continues and this is a good week for entertaining and enjoying the camaraderie of family and good friends. Financially, you are doing your best and the situation seems to be under control.
HINT: Wednesday and Thursday are good days for getting things done.