Starcatcher: Astrology for the week of February 17

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Pure logic doesn’t do it for you this week. Intuition and gut feelings are what you need to pay attention to.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! This week you need to be especially careful where money and finances are concerned.
A little extra spending now will cause havoc with your bank account in a couple of weeks. So, if you don’t have the cash then keep your hands in your pockets.
Be patient with your partner and/or mate. This person is going through some interesting growth and needs a little bit of understanding and space.
HINT: An old friend from your past may be interested in renewing the friendship. It will be up to you to decide whether or not that is wise.

You can’t seem to get a handle on your emotions these days as your feelings soar and plummet seemingly at will. Since, there really isn’t anything more you can do, hang on and enjoy the ride. You will be given more information as the week progresses and that is when you can settle down and make your decision. A lot of energy is being spent in and around your work but you feel frustrated and unfulfilled.
HINT: Sunday and Monday are perfect days for meeting with someone you especially like and respect.
You are much more in control these days and your mood rises with the knowledge that you are not only on the right track but are making headway.
There is still much to do, but as your organizational skills improve the pressure is lessened. Always ready to reach out to a friend, this week you will have the opportunity to do something outstanding for someone you care about.
HINT: The information you gain this week will stand you in good stead during the weeks to come.
MAY 21 – JUNE 21
Be prepared for a serious conversation with an old friend which will touch you deeply.
Although you care a great deal, you are unused to exposing your emotions.
Problems with plumbing or electricity are expected and rather than trying to fix it yourself, this is the time for calling in the experts. In the long run you will save a great deal of aggravation and money.
HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday you will need to put in long hours at work if you wish to get everything done on time.
JUNE 22 – JULY 22
All your hard work is about to bear fruit as you continue moving forward with your plans.
You have spent the past few weeks being a good friend and listening to everyone else’s problems and now it is time for you to walk away and do something special for yourself. The more organized you are right now, the better, as you will be taking on a new and interesting project which will be keeping you busy for the next few months.
HINT: Your relationship with a Taurus is better than ever and this is the perfect time for enjoying each other’s company.
Money and finances are still on your mind as expenses continue to arise.
Rather than get upset, take a step back and realize that you simply have to readjust your budget and all will be well.
Thankfully you have enough income these days so that the new dent in your pocket is noticeable but not terrible.
When dealing with your partner and/or mate be honest and say what is on your heart. After that, it is out of your hands.
HINT: When dealing with a sibling remember that all you can do is offer advice and love.
You have so much pent up anger and energy building up inside of you that if you don’t find a positive outlet soon you may end up saying or doing something which you will be sorry for later. Few people have the emotional stamina that you do and even fewer can see all the fine points.
So getting upset is futile and a waste of time.
HINT: Money and financial matters once again need dealing with, but don’t worry you actually have things under control.
Although you definitely know the difference between right and wrong, this week you find it difficult remembering why you always have to do the right thing. Sometimes you are entitled to let go and simply have fun and this is one of those times. A phone call to a special person will help lighten your load and point you in the right direction. Before signing any important documents, double check with the experts and then make your move.
HINT: The beginning portion of this week is the best time for getting complicated work done.
You have a lot on your mind and this week you need to be very careful about who you choose to share your feelings with. Although your friends are anxious for your happiness, not everyone is capable of understanding exactly where you stand and what you are going through. The good news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is getting bigger every day.
HINT: Financially you need to continue watching your spending and paying close attention to the little expenses which seem to go unnoticed.
A lot of thought is centered around your home and family this week and you may find that rather than go out and party with friends, you prefer quiet evenings at home. Before you make any serious changes in your career, check out your options and gather as much information as you possibly can.
There is still time and you don’t need to rush.
HINT: A conversation with an elderly member of your family will have a great impact on you and it is worth your while to pay close attention to what this person is saying.
You have so much on your mind right now and are exhausted by all your thoughts and planning. Take a step back as not everything is solidly within your control and minor delays are expected. The more prepared you are to be flexible, the better. You enjoy entertaining at home and this is a good week for inviting a few close relatives and friends over for an impromptu meal.
HINT: You are extremely creative and this is a good time for doing something about it.
This is a perfect time for analyzing your financial situation as you are much more practical these days.
Remember to see the glass half full and you will avoid wasting precious time worrying about things that could have been. Your desire for learning and gaining information is stronger than ever now and now is when you should sign up for a course or two.
HINT: Your relationship with a person living far away is stronger than ever and soon you will be able to spend time together once again.