StarCatcher: Astrology for the week of October 19

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Energy levels are high this week and you prefer working on your own rather than as a member of a group.

galaxy NGC 7090 370 (photo credit: NASA/Reuters)
galaxy NGC 7090 370
(photo credit: NASA/Reuters)
Not one to wear their heart on their shoulder, you find yourself withdrawing while you search for some answers concerning your future. You continue to be surrounded by a small group of people who are loyal, trustworthy and anxious to see you succeed. The beginning of this week is the time for dealing with personal matters as by Tuesday afternoon you will be inundated with work, meetings and paperwork.
HINT: When speaking to a family member, try to be patient and understanding.
The time has come for you to put your fears behind you and reach out for your future. There is such a huge light at the end of the tunnel and it is growing brighter. Soon you will have the time needed to work on a project which demands creativity as well as attention to details and facts.
Partners and/or mates are accented this week but take your time. A responsible decision will be made when you are ready. Monday and Tuesday are perfect days for everything connected to your career.
HINT: It may be difficult for you to find the balance between work and play but in the end you will find your way.PISCES (WATER) FEBRUARY 19 – MARCH 20
There is so much you wish to do, but obligations and previous commitments will take up much of your time this week.
However, in a few days you will be able to find a few pockets of free space where you can meet with someone who will make you a very interesting offer. The time has come for you to put your own needs ahead of those around you and to try and keep them from upsetting you whenever they feel the need to let off steam.
HINT: Pay close attention to money for the first half of this week.ARIES (FIRE) MARCH 21 – APRIL 19
Sudden spurts of travel cannot be avoided at this time and, whether you like it or not, you may find yourself hopping from one place to the other. Family members say they have your best interest at heart, but it will be up to you to make the final decision as just how much you wish to be involved with them professionally.
Insecurities from your past are beginning to ease up as you have a much broader picture of the situation and your understanding increases.HINT: When in doubt, turn to your partner and/or mate. This person will always give you good advice, whether you want to hear it or not.
You have so much energy right now and if you are not careful could wind up making some hasty and unwise choices. Take a step back and wait. If you feel the same in a day or two, that is the time for making your move. Ideas and thoughts race through your mind, and rather than trying to remember everything, take copious notes and pay attention to details. At the same time, choose carefully the people you wish to share your thoughts with.
HINT: Time spent alone with your partner and/or mate is exactly what you both need.LIBRA (AIR) SEPTEMBER 23 – OCTOBER 23
Not all your secrets need revealing and it is fine to keep some of your thoughts and feelings to yourself.
Change is on the way and will be for the better, so relax and enjoy the journey. You are always the first to reach out and lend a helping hand, but this time you will have to make certain that your good nature is not abused and that you are not taken advantage of.HINT: Money and finances continue to need watching, but here too, you are keeping abreast of your situation and don’t need to be overly concerned.VIRGO (EARTH) AUGUST 23 – SEPTEMBER 22
Energy spent in and around your home is necessary but don’t worry about the cost. You have put enough aside and are always upto- date on your finances. A conversation with a sibling may turn out to be more complicated than you had anticipated, but it will be good to clear the air. Try not to say anything you don’t mean, as it will be nearly impossible to take the words back once they are spoken.
HINT: Money expected may be delayed, but it will eventually get to you.
This is not the time for relying on your luck, but, rather for taking a good, long and hard look at where you are today and where you wish to be six months from now. The final decision is yours, so choose wisely. The people around you may say the right thing and smile a great deal, but not all of them have your interest at heart. When in doubt, speak to a water sign you know.
This person has enough intuition to point you in the right direction.
HINT: This weekend, a conversation with your partner and/or mate will bring interesting and surprising results.
Between your obligations to your family and the hours you spend working you have precious little time to work on a personal project which is near to your heart. It will be up to you to establish working borders that will send a clear message to one and all that your needs must be considered as much as theirs. When speaking to another water sign open your heart and listen to what you hear.HINT: When you feel boxed in, walk away from your desk and go to the sea. The sound of the waves will ease the ache in your soul.
In your need to help a relative, you may inadvertently put yourself into financial stress. Check before you reach into your pocket, and give what you honestly can. There is so much you wish to do and not nearly enough time, therefore, this is the week for you to be super-organized and to make a detailed list. As you cross off each item you will be amazed at how quickly you have accomplished so much.HINT: No one is more important to you than your family, but it is time to take a step back and allow them to stand on their own two feet.
Although your finances need careful watching right now, in the coming weeks all will ease up and that is when you can begin to relax and feel free to spend money on a few things you need for your home. The people you meet this week may not be as overly friendly as you would like, but as the days go on your relationship with them will improve…so keep the door open a little. You will be amazed at just how much accomplish this week. Try to put some time aside for socializing with old friends.
HINT: Your motto right now is ‘off with the old and on with the new’.
People are attracted to you as you intuitively know just the right thing to say, putting everyone at ease. You will enjoy taking part in complicated meetings which will tax your mind while demanding a great deal of concentration on details. Pay attention to money matters and if you are not completely confident in your choices, then refrain from making any expensive unnecessary purchases.HINT: A partner and/or mate could use a shoulder to lean on.