From theater to plays to art exhibitions, here are some events to mark down in the calendar.

Yehoshua Sobol (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Yehoshua Sobol
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Shooting the soul
An intriguing photographic exhibition, called “A Look into the Soul,” is currently up and running at the Haifa Auditorium.
The works were created by Ivan Ferrer, who specializes in portraits and landscapes, predominantly using the former to offer his take on some culture or other. His richly appointed portfolio to date features country- based projects from India, Burma, South Africa, Japan, Cuba, Peru and Israel.
The Haifa show includes portraits, street scenes and landscapes that encapsulate the drama of the moment and the emotion of a given situation, as well as conveying powerful aesthetics that captivate the viewer’s senses and thoughts. Ferrer also often opts for a minimalist approach to his subject, so that the observer is unwittingly drawn to the person in the picture. His landscapes tend to feed off a unique use of color and light in portraying the power of nature.
“A Look into the Soul” runs until January 30.
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Melting walls
“Melting Walls,” currently running at the Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery at Tel Aviv University, is the third and last exhibition in the “Babel” trilogy, curated by Sarit Shapira from the works in the Igal Ahouvi Art Collection.
As part of the trilogy’s ongoing exploration of the Tower of Babel story, the current exhibition examines architectonic elements such as skeleton, structure, construction and traditional and contemporary approaches in architecture, while juxtaposing a past culture with present and future ones. Like the previous exhibitions, it also features prominent Israeli and international artists and combines early modernist art with key figures in contemporary art.
The exhibition centers on the concept of “wall” in its traditional sense. “Melting Walls,” as the name suggests, addresses this concept and endeavors to expand on it, using it to posit themes that go beyond the specific world of architecture and stray into multiple and diverse dimensions.
The exhibition invites the public to rethink the way we perceive the walls that define a “space,” whether it is the private sphere or the public domain.
The project incorporates disciplines extraneous to the plastic arts, such as cinema, architecture and the world of science fiction, breaking the “fourth wall” and inviting the viewer to be an active part of the artwork. In so doing, the exhibition raises questions that concern the installation and the space it occupies, as well as the way in which the spectator views the works.
“Melting Walls” closes on April 10.
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Sobol upstaged
Celebrated playwright Yehoshua Sobol is about to make a career change. After over four decades of writing for the stage as well as directing plays, the 75-year-old Sobol will actually tread the boards himself when he takes on a part in his own work Melting Pot at Tel Aviv’s Tmuna Theater on January 24 (8 p.m.).
Melting Pot is a thought-provoking work which tells the intricate story of three prostitutes who set up shop in a highly respectable apartment building in Tel Aviv.
The play is the result of a surprising synergy between Sobol and three acting-school graduates – Yael Nivron, Omri Levy and Oryan Partam-Glicksberg – who also perform in the show alongside Sobol. Percussionist Shahar Even Tzur provides live musical accompaniment.
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Party pooper
The Negev Theater will put on two performances of its latest work, 50-60-70, at Tzavta in Tel Aviv, today at 1 p.m. and on Monday at 8:30 p.m.
Reality flexing features front and center in the storyline, about a surprise birthday party thrown by three actors on a stage – with the birthday boy less than enthusiastic about the unplanned-for event. The ensuing complicated situation leads to some trying soul searching.
50-60-70 was written and is directed by Issi Mamanov, and is performed by a cast of five, including Yossi Segal, Yossi Carmon and Yochi Levin.
For tickets and more information: (03) 695-0156/7