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Astrology for the week of August 15, 2014; TIP FOR THE WEEK: Not content to sit back and take a secondary role, this is the week for standing in the light and making your voice heard.

A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope (photo credit: REUTERS)
A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope
(photo credit: REUTERS)
LEO (FIRE) JULY 23-AUGUST 22 You have so much to do and still feel rather frazzled from everything that has been happing over the past few weeks.
However, that being said, this is definitely the week for you to pick yourself up and become more active. Financially your thoughts turn to money and how to being a program which allows you to begin saving, once again. Family and close friends are wonderful, but you need to find a pocket of space where you can be quiet and think.
HINT: Projects which have been put on hold will wait, so don’t add more pressure to yourself…things will be done when they are supposed to be done.
VIRGO (EARTH) AUGUST 23-SEPTEMBER 22 You continue to be a source of strength for your family and friends and your level way of thinking is just what is needed as you deal with family and friends who turn to you for help. Don’t forget to leave yourself some room to relax and recharge.
Financially you continue keeping a close watch on your bank account and will be pleased to note that although things are slow you are still in a solid position where money is concerned.
HINT: Over the past couple of weeks you have been doing a great deal of thinking and mulling over past events. This week your thoughts turn to the future and all you wish to do.
LIBRA (AIR) SEPTEMBER 23-OCTOBER 23 Due to entertaining and hosting family members you may have overextended yourself financially and this is the week to begin cutting back.
You are still in a good position, but need to take care. If you really don’t need it, then postpone making any major purchases for the next few weeks. A conversation with an earth sign is just what you need in order to get pointed in the right direction. Your different take on things will make for an interesting and lively discussion.
Together you can do great things.
HINT: Although you are still feeling a bit pressured, this is a good week for venting some of your frustration at the gym.
SCORPIO (WATER) OCTOBER 24-NOVEMBER 21 Things are finally beginning to move albeit not nearly as fast as you had hoped or wished.
Consider this lull as a perfect opportunity for you to rethink your plans, make new ones, and rest.
The conflict you feel at the beginning of the week will ease up after Sunday, so relax and know that sometimes it is better to stay silent then open up a conversation where someone might say something they regret. Your relationship with a fire sign begins to be much more pleasant so make plans to sit down and talk.
HINT: When in doubt, trust your intuition and you won’t err.
SAGITTARIUS (FIRE) NOVEMBER 22-DECEMBER 21 You are always the first to reach out and lend and helping hand and this week will provide you with the opportunity to do something special for someone who means a great deal to you. Sometimes just a little thing can mean so much, and you instinctively always know the right thing to do and say. Financially you need to be a bit more careful as things are rather tight right now.
Your plans are solid and with a little care all will be well.
HINT: Before committing to yet another project take a step back and double check if you have the necessary time and resources.
CAPRICORN (EARTH) DECEMBER 22-JANUARY 19 You are not responsible for all your family although at times it feels as if you are. It will be up to you to decide just how involved and active you wish to be in family business this week. Professionally things are moving along according to plan and although you are rather overworked, you enjoy being so busy doing something you feel is important.
HINT: When speaking with an older person this week, try to remember just how much they really care. That will help you stay calm when in reality you want to do is get on with it.
AQUARIUS (AIR) JANUARY 20-FEBRUARY 18 Financially things are just fine and if you have to postpone a purchase for a week or two that is all right. You have been thinking quite hard about your future and the path you wish to take. As the weeks go by you will re-evaluate your plans as well as eliminate and add to your list. The people you have been in contact with over the past few weeks will remain close friends and time spent together has been pleasant, enlightening and very worthwhile.
HINT: Your relationship with your partner and/or mate is a lot more pleasant right now and this is a good time for getting things done.
PISCES (WATER) FEBRUARY 19-MARCH 20 You are overly sensitive and pick up the emotions of the people around you.
This helps you to do and say the right thing but can also be a weight upon your shoulders.
The time has come for you to take a step back and to worry about your own needs first. You may have the feeling that so many things are out of your control, but the truth is that you are doing just fine and will continue to do so. Try not to let past insecurities overcome your feeling of self-worth right now. You are in a much better place these days.
HINT: Good week for spending a few extra hours at work.
ARIES (FIRE) MARCH 21-APRIL 19 Don’t waste your time and energy on anger. There is nothing you can do to change a family member but you certainly can adjust your reaction to them. The most important thing to remember is that the people who count know that you are one hundred per cent right! A financial transaction may be delayed, so plan accordingly. You may have to make a few adjustments until the cash comes in but it will arrive, don’t worry.
HINT: Monday and Tuesday are good days for getting together with a close neighbor or friend. You enjoy each other’s company and the time is right for solidifying the friendship.
TAURUS (EARTH) APRIL 20-MAY 20 You enjoy being surrounded by familiar people and objects which bring you peace and peace of mind. Unfortunately, this week you are going to be extremely busy and will have precious little time for sitting around and relaxing. While organizing your agenda, leave a few open pockets of space for last minute changes. You won’t be sorry. By the end of this week you will be putting in some extra hours at work and won’t have much time left over for socializing, so enjoy your free time while you have it.
HINT: Both your employers and co-workers rely upon you and are happy to have you on their team.
GEMINI (AIR) MAY 21-JUNE 21 Your thoughts turn to family and this is a good week for hosting a small dinner party where you can all sit around reminiscing about days gone by. Someone living far away is on your mind and rather than wonder how they are, pick up the phone or send an email. Money and finances are a little tight right now so pay close attention to how you spend your money and what you can afford to postpone for a few weeks. A conversation with an earth sign may not bring you the answers you were seeking but you won’t be sorry for the time spent in this person’s company.
HINT: Don’t waste your time worrying about what could have been.
CANCER (WATER) JUNE 22-JULY 22 You have been spending a little more money than usual but all is under control as for once you are keeping precise tabs on your purchases. The gift you bought a family member or friend will be greatly appreciated and the thought will warm their heart as much as the gift itself. By Sunday you will be ready to sit down with a sibling and talk from your heart. You have a special relationship with this person and the feeling is definitely mutual.
HINT: Work on a project which demands concentration and focus on your part may have to be put aside for a bit until you are more relaxed and ready.