The valley and its borders

The Jezreel Valley has so much to offer the visitor to enrich and deepen the knowledge of this historic, rich area – all in a single but full day.

Galilee Olive Oil (photo credit: ITSIK MAROM)
Galilee Olive Oil
(photo credit: ITSIK MAROM)
Exciting things are happening in the Jezreel Valley. There are some new places to visit as well as some old ones.
In the gateway to the valley sits Tel Yokne’am, an archeological site on the ancient sea road (Via Maris). As a result of digging down through layers of history, researchers found artifacts that were 5,000 years old. Along the path that leads up to the site, you will be able to read about the different layers and historic events that this hill bore witness to over thousands of years.
At the top awaits another prize: the wonderful landscape of the Jezreel Valley and the south slope of the Carmel Mountains.
Jezreel Valley view. (photo credit: ITSIK MAROM)
On the south side lies the moshava of Yokne’am. Here you can enjoy a brunch at Ayelet’s Kitchen, which specializes in vegetarian meals; everything is fresh and beautifully presented.
A short walk will lead you to the home of the works of Alexander Kirzner, with a gallery of hundreds of statues, large and small. The variety in style and materials is overwhelming.
A statue by Alexander Kirzner in a courtyard. (photo credit: ITSIK MAROM)
The artist died last year, and his widow, Rina, operates the gallery. Her deep knowledge of and interesting stories about the art make for an interesting visit.
(Call ahead to coordinate your visit, (04) 989-0520.) Next, drive deeper into Beit Lehem Haglilit. The Templers, who originated in Germany and came to Israel in the late 1800s, began building communities in different parts of the country, including Haifa, Jaffa, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Alonei Abba and here. A visit to this area provides a good opportunity to enjoy an example of well-preserved Templer architecture.
Works in the Kirzner gallery. (photo credit: ITSIK MAROM)
To entertain the children, you can experience the process of milking cows with a visit to the Brandes family’s cowshed, which dates back 100 years to the Templers. The presence of other livestock enhances the farming experience.
On the same grounds, visit Galilee Olive Oil, a small modern site where you can learn about the olive oil process. This family-owned location operates all year long and is open to visitors at no charge.
In July and August and later during the harvest season, workshops explain the olive oil process from tree to bottle (fee required).
Tel Yokne’am. (photo credit: ITSIK MAROM)
By now you will have worked up an appetite, so drive to Hila Berkovich’s home in Kiryat Tivon. A naturopath and herbal medicine expert, she serves meals, prepared by herself, in her house. You may want to participate in one of her workshops on healthy cooking, with areas of focus including vegetarian, vegan, Asian and fish dishes.
The Jezreel Valley has this and more to offer the visitor to enrich and deepen the knowledge of this historic, rich area – all in a single but full day.
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