Former Mossad chief slams Netanyahu: 'The problem is Iran, not President Obama'

Meir Dagan says conflict with US not in Israel's interest.

Former Mossad chief slams Netanyahu: 'The problem is Iran, not President Obama' (Video: ICT)
Former Mossad director Meir Dagan criticized the government’s handling of the Iranian nuclear threat on Monday, suggesting that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is alienating Israel from the United States and President Barack Obama.
Speaking at the Terrorism’s Global Impact summit in Herzliya, which was organized by the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Dagan said that “it was a strategic decision by Israel to adopt a policy against the United States,” but “the problem is Iran, not President Obama.”
He stated that he is “truly sorry to see this conflict reaching places that I think are against the interest of Israel and against the interests of the United States.”
Dagan has been a frequent critic of Netanyahu and has publicly voiced disagreement with his approach to the Iranian nuclear threat, since finishing his term as Mossad chief in 2011.
“I have to admit I’m not representing the State of Israel and I’m not sharing the point of view of my prime minister, to be honest.
It’s not a secret,” he said. “But I think this long approach against the United States – it’s time to end.”
In March, Dagan harshly criticized Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress about the Iran deal in an interview with Channel 2.
In the interview, Dagan is seen watching the speech while using harsh, blunt language to describe some of the claims made by the prime minister before US lawmakers in Washington.
When Netanyahu said that Iran could sprint to a nuclear device in less than a year, Dagan said that the assessment was “bullshit.
It will take more time than that.”
Dagan also ridiculed Netanyahu’s assertion that Iran poses a threat to the United States. “Iranian missiles will never be able to hit the