HADASSAH BERRY at work on ‘Still Waters Run Deep.’ (photo credit: Hadassah Berry)
HADASSAH BERRY at work on ‘Still Waters Run Deep.’ (photo credit: Hadassah Berry)
Jerusalem highlights August 5-11


Visit Still Waters Run Deep by Hadassah Berry at the Marie Gallery (12 Agrippas St., 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.) This new exhibition is built around a crack the artist built in situ at the gallery space, and large color graphs that explore the theme of change, geographical collusions and voyages. Berry is interested in what remains underneath the crack, such as lost civilizations and palimpsests. (Until Saturday, September 3.)


Attend “Key to the Heart,” a free online workshop (in Hebrew) with theater scholar Basmat Hazan and scriptwriter Nadav Ruziewicz. At 9 p.m. the two talents will share writing tips and insights on the heart. This is a fitting theme, since this month marks both a day of hate-filled destruction and the Jewish day of honoring love. Sign up here: www.bac.org.il/events/?eventID=17098

Watch a special art performance at 11:30 a.m. titled J’adouble by Keren Katz and Eran Hadas at the Jerusalem Artists’ House (12 Shmuel Hanagid St.) and stay to engage the artists showing their works in the Chad Gadya group exhibition. The works shown include “Moloch” by Assi Meshullam, “Where are you going to?” by Pesi Girsch, and “Three Blocks and One Space” by Raafat Hattab. These artists, and others, will speak with curator Sophia Dekel Caspi about their works. Free admission.


Escape the August heat by staying indoors with the a/c and watch the stunning documentary Picture of His Life. A spellbinding epic focusing on Israeli nature photographer Amos Nahom as he roams the earth seeking a unique image. After the 8 p.m. screening, engage director Yonatan Nir in an online Hebrew discussion. The film is in English and the viewing is free, online, and warmly suggested to children of all ages. Register here: www.yonatannir.com/pohl


Watch Ripcord (“Tzenicha Hofshit”) by Pulitzer-winning US playwright David Lindsay-Abaire in Hebrew (translated by Asaf Tzipor) at Jerusalem Theatre (20 Marcus St.). This production arrives to the capital from the North, thanks to Haifa Theater artistic director Moshe Naor who decided to cast Tzipi Shavit as Marilyn Dunne. An inspired decision! Actress, comedian, and a past star of children-aimed shows, Shavit cultivated for years a vivid and funny stage persona. 

The role of Abby Binder is equally well cast, as Naor picked Leora Rivlin, who, just three years ago, won a lifetime achievement award. Binder, who is a misanthrope, is forced to share living space with the outgoing Marilyn in a NJ home for the elderly. 

Playwright Neil Simon arrives for a program honoring him as the 2006 Mark Twain Prize recipient at the Kennedy Center in Washington October 15, 2006 (credit: REUTERS/JONATHAN ERNST)Playwright Neil Simon arrives for a program honoring him as the 2006 Mark Twain Prize recipient at the Kennedy Center in Washington October 15, 2006 (credit: REUTERS/JONATHAN ERNST)

Have you seen such comedies before? Of course! Neil Simon’s 1965 play The Odd Couple, which was turned to film in 1968 with Jack Lemmon as Oscar Madison, and Walter Matthau as Felix Ungar, still remains the gold standard for such comedies. That being said, Lindsay-Abaire is a great writer and the excellent actresses selected nearly guarantees a flawless theatrical experience with guffaws and heartfelt compassion to go around. 8:30 p.m. NIS 220 per ticket. Details: (02) 560-5755.

Play Dungeons and Dragons at Syncoffee (3 Yanai St.) from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. for NIS 25. Shai Halimi will serve as your Dungeon Master (relax, in this context, it means the person shaping the plot of the quest) so if you want to meet like-minded lovers of the game, tonight is your night! Register at shorturl.at/cJMPY


Come listen to Nigun Quartet, a hassidic jazz group playing at 9 p.m. at Mazkeka (3 Shoshan St.) NIS 60 at pre-order, NIS 70 at the door. Tom Lex on sax, Itamar Dahan on piano, Opher Schneider on bass and Yosef Levi on drums. Nigun Quartet released a new album this year titled The Sacred and the Profane. Follow them via www.facebook.com/nigunquartet


Join Arkho Nights at FeelBeit (4 Naomi St.) starting from 11 p.m., and rock to the DJ sets of Angata, Avishagaya and Gondi. Admission is free. You can have a taste of Angata (Omer Keinan and Itai Reznik) here: soundcloud.com/the_angata

Take the kids ice skating (or go with a partner) between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. at Pais Arena Jerusalem (1 Derech David Banbanishty) for NIS 65 per entry (NIS 39 for those who have a Yerushalmi card). Skates are offered on site but bring warm clothes as this is one of the largest ice skating stadiums in the country. Open Sunday to Thursday at the listed hours; Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call (02) 629-7982 for more information.


Summer Loving is a mini film festival offered by the Jerusalem Cinematheque to mark Tu Be’av. Watch Nobody Has to Know (7 p.m.), an English language film about a man who lost his memory after a stroke (Bouli Lanners) and is helped by a woman who claims to be his wife (Michelle Fairley). If she is his wife, why is their relationship a secret? 

Stay until 9:30 p.m. to watch Dirty Dancing, a now classic US film about teen romance, starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Other films on offer include Jungle Fever (Saturday, August 13 at 9:15 p.m.) and Amour (Monday, August 15, at 8:30 p.m.).

Throwing a good party? Opening an art exhibition or a new bar? Bringing in a guest speaker to introduce a fascinating topic? Drop me a line at [email protected] and let In Jerusalem know about it. Send emails with “Jerusalem Highlights” in the subject line. While all information is welcome, we cannot guarantee it will be featured in the column.

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