‘LAST JUDGEMENT’ by Lucas van Leyden. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
‘LAST JUDGEMENT’ by Lucas van Leyden. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Jerusalem highlights March 24-30


Start the weekend with a relaxing cup of coffee and tasty carrot cake at the hidden garden of Emanuel Center’s Coffee Shop, situated near the entrance to the Old City (Jaffa Gate, 55 Armenian Patriarchy St.). You might relish the calmness of this special space during the hectic week ahead. Open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ask one of the employees if you can’t find the garden.

✱ Purchase a print at a special 15% discount in honor of Contemporary Local Print, a series of print-focused exhibitions held across the city (see last week’s column for more details). The Jerusalem Print Workshop, where Strange Creatures is shown, offers a reduced price for all its stock. See the online catalog at linktr.ee/print.festival. To purchase, call (02) 546-8892. The sale ends on Sunday, April 30.


Watch the film The Misfits, an unusual love story between an aging cowboy and a divorced woman. Oh yes, the woman is played by Marilyn Monroe, and the cowboy is Clark Gable. 

A flop when it was first released, the film is now regarded as one of the best films of the 1960s and a chance to see Monroe in one of her more dramatic roles. The screening is at 4 p.m. at the Jerusalem Cinematheque.


Watch the play Legends of the Moon: The King and the Frog at Beit Avi Chai. This child-oriented theater production tells how King Solomon decides to expel the Queen of the Frogs because he was annoyed by the frogs’ croaking. Naturally, without the frogs things do not quite take the turn that the monarch expected. 

 ‘STRANGE CREATURES.’ (credit: Dotan Morano) ‘STRANGE CREATURES.’ (credit: Dotan Morano)

With admission at NIS 30 per child, with the adult paying only NIS 10, this offer beats the price of a movie ticket! Hebrew only. The show starts at 5 p.m. at 44 King George St. The last performance is Friday, March 30. Book via (02) 621-5300.


Watch cult movies as part of Abraham Hostel’s Classic Cassette Series. The films are not advertised in advance, so e-mail ahead if you want to know what you’ll be watching. If you’re a happy-go-lucky kind of person, this is simply a chance to hang loose and watch unusual films at an affordable price. The event begins at 9 p.m. at 67 Hanevi’im St. Email infojlm@abraham.travel to learn more.


A new watering hole has opened in the city, called Between Arak and Gin (Bein Arak L’Gin). It offers a daily happy hour between 7:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Enjoy fortified Maccabi beer (7.9%), Tequila Mango, or a glass of Beta, a new wine offered by Barkan that seeks to appeal to those who prefer wines produced from site-specific Israeli grapes (Dabouki and Jandali, to be precise). 19 Azza Rd.


If the present seems bleak, why not take a walk down memory lane? Tonight you can rock out to a tribute to The Beatles by Nostalgia Yerushalmit, ZZ Top by The Dust Hills Band, and close with Libi and the Quarteroys. The concert begins at 8 p.m. at Stay Inn Jerusalem, 21 King George St. NIS 40 per ticket.


Rock out to the music of Alexander Pomidoroff. Born in Belarus, Pomidoroff now lives in Poland due to the repressive regime of Alexander Lukashenko. The concert is mostly in Russian. You might enjoy listening to an online album before committing (soundcloud.com/alexander-pomidoroff/disco). The music begins at 9:30 p.m. at Besarabia, 24 Ben Yehuda St. NIS 40 per ticket. 


This is the last week to head to the First Hebrew City and take a selfie in front of the Last Judgment photo montage created by Yossi Waxman in homage to the 1527 triptych The Last Judgment by Lucas van Leyden. Visitors at Halal Le’omanot gallery can view a series of paintings inspired by the small details in the massive sacred art piece of the Dutch master.

Open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Titled Judgment-Day Selfie, this might be the last chance to see an Israeli LGBTQ painter in dialogue with Christian art history. Time will tell. 46 Frishman St., Tel Aviv. 

Throwing a special party? Opening an art exhibition or a new bar? Bringing in a guest speaker to introduce a fascinating topic? Drop me a line at hagay_hacohen@yahoo.com and let In Jerusalem know about it. Send emails with “Jerusalem Highlights” in the subject line. Although all information is welcome, we cannot guarantee it will be featured in the column.

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