"Anafaza" 2023. (photo credit: ASCAF)
"Anafaza" 2023.
(photo credit: ASCAF)

Batsheva Dance Company to bring back 'Anafaza 2023'


Ohad Naharin’s creation from 1993 will undergo a revamp by Batsheva Dance Company when they bring Anafaza 2023 back to the stage this December.

The announcement made this week will see Batsheva Dance Company and ToMix, a content platform that specializes in and produces interdisciplinary cultural events, co-producing the performances. 

The first round of performances took place at Hangar 1 in the Tel Aviv Port in June and brought throngs of audiences into a bespoke theater crafted specifically for the event. 

What is Anafaza?

The original Anafaza was a collection of excerpts from other creations of Naharin’s, set to music and performed live by Avi Bellili.

Anafaza 2023 adheres to the same format, including some iconic sections from older works such as Echad Mi Yodea as well as excerpts from more recent works such as Yag

''Anafaza'' 2023. (credit: ASCAF)
''Anafaza'' 2023. (credit: ASCAF)

The show is performed by the dancers of Batsheva’s main company, as well as the Ensemble, and is accompanied by Belleli, Naharin, and Danni Makov. In December, the company will return to the port for an additional round of performances. 

For more information, visit www.batsheva.co.il

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