Quentin Tarantino with Guy & Nir Zyskind (photo credit: Corey Sipkin)
Quentin Tarantino with Guy & Nir Zyskind (photo credit: Corey Sipkin)


Tarantino to release seven deleted scenes from 'Pulp Fiction'

A press conference held at the world’s leading gathering on NFT in New York, by esteemed director, screenwriter, and creator Quentin Tarantino, together with Guy Zyskind, CEO and founder of SCRT Labs and Nir Zyskind, VP of Business Development, succeeded in surprising conference attendees and the global media. 

At the event, Tarantino revealed that he is offering seven unedited scenes from the original script of “Pulp Fiction” for auction as a secret NFT. 

This is a collection of seven unique and exclusive NFT Secret works that have never been revealed that contain parts of the original, first, and unedited manuscript of the script of “Pulp Fiction,” including a personal interpretation recorded by Tarantino that reveals secrets about him and the film. 

Tarantino stated that even the public part of this exclusive content, its “cover,” would itself be unique and rare art. 

Tarantino’s NFT Secret files were built by Secret Network - a revolutionary and groundbreaking blockchain network regarding privacy and access rights to content, which allows for the first time to publicly offer NFT creations while keeping the content offered for sale secret and private. The contents of the works will only be disclosed to the buyer who will gain ownership of the work at the end of the auction.

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