Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of June 12, 2015

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Good week for taking care of unfinished business.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
MAY 21-JUNE 21
You will feel a spurt of energy around the beginning of this week and now is the time for moving forward with your plans. You may need to call in a colleague or two to lend a helping hand, but don’t worry you will work well together. Financially you need to be careful about any unnecessary spending for the next week or so. A confrontation with a person of authority can be avoided if you simply walk away and wait for another time to express your feelings.
HINT: Time spent with a sibling is much more pleasant these days if you are interested in recharging the relationship.
What a busy month this is turning out to be for you. Social and family obligations have filled up your calendar and everything else needs to be pushed aside, so prepare well now. It has been quite some time since you spent your days entertaining and being entertained at this level. Forget the paperwork that is piling up…it will wait for you to tackle during the pockets of free time in your diary.
HINT: Financially you are stretched to the limit and perhaps a bit beyond, but you have planned well, so don’t panic. You will have the funds you need when you need them.
You feel particularly sociable this week and now is the time to get out and mingle. Enjoy old friends and make some new ones. People are attracted by your energy and optimism and you will find it easy to engage in interesting conversations with the people you come into contact with now. Although you have been squirrelling money away, you may find that you are a bit short, so pay special attention to your finances for the next few weeks.
HINT: By the middle of this week you will have the opportunity to patch up a misunderstanding, or fix something you missed along the way. Pay attention and don’t hesitate to do the right thing now
This is the week for dealing with a situation which you have been avoiding. You have thought it through carefully and this time you will discover that you are willing to be much more flexible than you have been in the past which will not only endear you to the other person, but will solidify an important relationship. Professionally, you are in a position of strength at the moment, so don’t hesitate to make your needs known.
HINT: Take some time to sit quietly with your partner and/or mate in order to discuss your plans for the coming weeks. This is also a good time to tell this person just how much you appreciate them.
Take some time this week to check your finances once again. There is something you missed which needs attending to. The faster you make the correction the easier it will be over the coming weeks. Time spent with family has been wonderful but now it is time to focus your energy on your career and the path you have been planning for so long.
HINT: The people you come into contact with this month will not only turn out to be good friends, but will be important career contacts, so even though you are tired, make the effort to mingle.
This week take a few minutes off from your busy schedule to rethink your past moves and to discover something you either avoided doing, or simply forgot. Once you have put your finger on the problem, the solution will appear and you will be easily able to not only rectify the situation, but to improve it as well. Your relationship with your partner and/or mate is stronger than ever and the trust and confidence you both feel is growing stronger day by day. Financially you need to pay close attention to your expenses.
HINT: Professionally you continue to gain respect and admiration from your peer as well as your mentors.
The time has come for you to take a step back and re-evaluate your decisions over the past few months. Something needs to be added or changed in your thinking and as you let your mind wander you will discover the missing piece to the puzzle. Once found, make the change and move on. Financially you are trying to be careful but unexpected expenses continue to make a hole in your pocket. Soon all will settle down and once things are back to normal, you will be able to save once again.
HINT: Sunday and Monday are perfect days for spending with your family and partner and/or mate.
What a week you have just had and the best is yet to come! All your hard work is paying off more than you had imagined and now you can sit back and enjoy a job well done. You have worked so hard over the past few months and although there are one or two things which need completing, for the most part, you can take your time now.
HINT: The opportunities which will begin to come your way in the coming weeks need your full attention, and wherever possible discuss your thoughts and feelings with your partner and/or mate. Together you will make the right decision.
Over the next few weeks you will be thinking of your career and whether or not you want to make some changes. As time progresses you will not only be able to ask some important questions, but will think of a few more which will help you make your decision. You have worked so hard and your good name and professional high standards have gained you the respect of your colleagues as well as some important people. Trust yourself.
HINT: This weekend is a good time for relaxing at home with your partner and/or mate and for catching up on some much needed rest.
The time has come for you to make a decision concerning any courses or formal studies you would like to register for in the coming year. There is something you have longed to learn for quite some time and this is the perfect opportunity for you do something about it. Don’t be concerned about finances or time…once you have made up your mind you will find a way to have both. Problems with a family member which were caused by a breakdown in communication are now working themselves out and the atmosphere at home is much more cordial and pleasant.
HINT: Time spent with a Leo is just what you need in order to feel recharged.
Try to be patient with someone you come into contact with every day. This person means well but is oblivious to what is really going on and you find that you feel more and more stressed when forced to be in this person’s company. Either tell them quietly how you feel or escape as quickly as possible. All will ease up in the weeks to come. You are ready to begin a new project and this is the week to start organizing your thoughts and to make things happen.
HINT: When dealing with a Scorpio listen carefully. You may not completely agree with everything they say but the information they will share is important.
You find that you enjoy spending more time at home with your partner and/or mate and a few close friends rather than going out to crowded places. You continue working long, hard hours and at night enjoy the quiet of your own home. Financially you continue putting a little aside each month and soon you will have the money you need for either a major purchase or a trip you want to take. A conversation with an air sign is much more pleasant and far less complicated this week.
HINT: Sunday and Monday are your most creative days this week and stumbling blocks which troubled you in the past are no longer a problem. •