emotional stress

Alexithymia: Why many people struggle with expressing emotions

Alexithymics have difficulty naming their feelings, expressing them, or valuing them. Emotions are remote abstractions, pesky bothers to be brushed aside, denied, and ignored


Chronic stress can cause cancer spread - study

Cancer patients, especially, have many sources of severe stress, including worrying about their prognosis and enduring weeks of therapy. 

Israel sees rapid increase in use of sleeping pills since October 7

Pharmacies across the country are dealing with a flood of requests for medical and alternative sleep medications • Experts warn: Drugs damage the structure of sleep and cause addiction

How the Gaza war is affecting Israeli children

Trauma can have serious effects on us all, particularly on youth. Emunah is determined to ensure that Israel’s children and their families have the tools they need to heal.


Traces of emotional trauma from war? Here's how you can erase them - study

Israelis are agonized over the thought that they will suffer from long-time emotional trauma due to what they endured.

Stress makes you break out with acne. Here's how to solve it

Explore how stress can impact the skin, leading to various diseases, and discover effective treatment options recommended by a dermatologist.


Renting rather than owning your own is home linked to faster ‘biological ageing’

The correlation holds even when controlling for educational level and socioeconomic status.

How parents can help their kids navigate the war - opinion

As the violence continues, being overwhelmed will make it more difficult for us to help our children process and manage their feelings.


Feeling stress? It could seriously harm your health

What we learn from the scientific community is that the way we manage our stress levels plays a vital role in our health.

‘Emotional support alligator’ expelled from baseball game

Wally was turned away from the stadium, despite having been invited to the game.

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