Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of November 28, 2014

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Not the best week for getting organized, but a perfect week for thinking ahead.

A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope (photo credit: REUTERS)
A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope
(photo credit: REUTERS)
With little patience for facts and figures right now, you may have to call in the experts and let them handle it for a change. In the meantime you are in a perfect position for charting out your next moves. Your natural optimism and sense of justice will make it easy to assemble the team you need to get the job done. Time spent with family and friends towards the middle portion of the week will help to put some balance back in your life.
HINT: Not a great week for going on a diet or for joining a gym, however you can cut back a bit and ease your conscience.
You have a great deal on your mind but do not let past insecurities erode your confidence.
You are in the right place at the right time and soon all will settle smoothly into place; just as you hoped.
When talking with a Sagittarius, remember this person needs some space and freedom, but that does not mean they don’t care or are not interested. The opposite is true… they care a great deal and are solidly on your side.
HINT: Financially you continue to pay close attention to your bank balance and soon will have the funds you need for a special project.
You know what you need and if you take a step back to review your goals, you will have to admit that you have done a wonderful job so far. Responsible and reliable, you continue to focus on your career and soon will be in a position to go on to the next step. Don’t rush it. You will know when the time is right! Financial matters are accented on Sunday but by the end of the week you will have more of the answers you have been seeking.
HINT: Time spent with a special person will help you to remember that there is more to life than work.
Take a break from your busy schedule to relax and recharge your batteries.
Be smart. You know you need the rest. A confrontation with a colleague may be unavoidable but your reaction and the level of how much you care is definitely within your control. Walk away. Everyone knows you are right! Although you may not be able to check off your entire list of things to do this week, you are definitely making progress.
HINT: An old friend has been on your mind for a while and this is a good time to pick up the phone or send and email.
This is an excellent week for making a few alterations in your home as you have the time and energy and have been wanting a change for quite some time. Nothing major as you are not interested in putting out a lot of money right now, but a little difference goes a long way. Wednesday and Thursday are perfect days for brainstorming with your partner and/ or mate. You complement each other well and both enjoy the exercise.
HINT: Someone living far away would love to be in contact with you but is waiting for you to make the first move.
Although thoughts turn to faraway places, this is not the time for more than dreaming as you continue to be inundated with work and other responsibilities.
Step by step you are getting closer to attaining the goals you set a few months back and with a little patience and a lot of planning all will fall into place exactly as you had hoped. Money and financial matters are under control and you can rest assured that when the time comes for you to make a major investment you will have the means and whereby to do so.
HINT: Time spent with an older member of your family may not be at the top of your list, but you do have a good time together.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
This is a very good week for working closely with your partner and/or mate as you are not only on the same page but have an honest respect for one another.
Wednesday and Thursday are the days for taking care of perusal affairs this week so clear your agenda in order to have the time to do a thorough job. Financially you are not yet where you wish to be but things are moving forward slowly but surely.
HINT: This is not the time for making any serious changes in your career so be patient. You will change your mind more than once during the months to come.
For quite some time you have been vacillating and avoiding project that has been sitting on your desk for far too long. This is the week to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Once you begin you will remember just why you began it in the first place and will remember just how much you enjoy stretching your mind and imagination.
No one is more important to you than your family but that does not mean however that you need to get involved in every little thing that goes on in their lives. Your own life will be far less emotional once you put a little space between you.
HINT: Financially things are moving according to plan.
This week your thoughts turn from your family to working on a project which demands precision, concentration, information and creativity. And, there is no one better than you to do the job, so set aside a block of time and enjoy the process! After a busy day you enjoy coming home and now is a good time for inviting a friend or two over for an impromptu meal.
Good food and great conversation goes a long way!
HINT: A conversation with another fire sign will help you to see things in a different light and will be well worth the time and effort.
Thoughts turn to your home and the people you live with. This is the week for enjoying each other’s company, relaxing and sharing thoughts and ideas. Problems with a person you come into contact with daily…perhaps a co-worker or a neighbor could be a bit problematic this week as you believe strongly in your ideas and may not be as flexible as you should.
HINT: Take a step back, calm down, rethink and regroup. While working on a creative project, you may find it difficult to stick to your original schedule.
Money and financial matters are never far from your mind, however, this week your thoughts turn to family members living far away. For the time being you have neither the funds nor the freedom to take off for an impromptu visit, but you can begin putting a little away each week. Just knowing you are saving for a trip makes it real. When dealing with new professional contacts, trust your intuition. You will immediately know who you can trust and who needs to be avoided as much as possible.
But, don’t worry…you are not the only one who feels this way.
HINT: Take some time this week to straighten up your home…the more organized you are the better.
Thoughts turn to money and finances as you contemplate making a major purchase in the not too distant future.
You have done your homework and will be pleasantly surprised just how smoothly things work out once the wheels begin to spin. A conversation with a fire sign become heated, but pay attention. Neither of you think alike, but you have so much in common that the lines of communication bristle with ideas.
HINT: Time spent quietly at home with family and a few good friends is exactly what you need this week, so take off your shoes and relax.
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