The trick that will polish your dirty pots with ketchup

Watch the video inside to learn the best trick for cleaning your dirty copper pots.

 Dirty pots (photo credit: CREATIVE COMMONS)
Dirty pots
(photo credit: CREATIVE COMMONS)

The Internet is full of countless tricks for cleaning household items, but it turns out that there is one that managed to drop our jaws to the floor.

A TikTok user shared a video showing how she cleans and polishes dirty copper pot bottoms with - are you ready for it? Ketchup. Yes, the most effective cleaning agent for your dishes is in the refrigerator.

It turns out that the combination of the acetic acid in ketchup with the copper oxide that is formed during cooking succeeds in removing the hard stains and returning the lost sparkle to the pots. All you have to do is spread a layer of ketchup on the bottom of the pot, soak it for half an hour - or more if you have time - then remove the ketchup by wiping and rinsing.

One user stated that ketchup can be used to clean any copper, stainless or stainless steel item you choose. Another said she used ketchup and foil to clean and remove the rust from her shower head. 

Another user stated that she used ketchup and a wire brush to clean the glass doors of her oven. "The door should be coated with a layer of ketchup and wiped. The residue can be removed with warm soapy water for a clean finish."