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Gregory Abou: Video work 'Blending into the environment'

Ra'anana anglo supermarket serves goods hot and fresh

Established nearly 20 years ago as Pieland, the original owners offered high-quality meat pies which became an instant hit among Ra’anana’s Anglo community.

What is the deal with Israeli customer service?

In this column, I hope to share with you my ongoing personal experiences both good and not so good and would be happy to include any stories you may wish to share.

COW’S MILK can be replaced with almond or coconut milk

Israel's alternate protein market grows, vegan substitutes more popular

Thanks to new products in the markets, Israelis have become more aware of the environmental impact of food production and its health impact.

Observations: Pacifiers, passwords and pandemics

"I spend half my life looking for things."


Supermarket chain sued after chef’s Jewish status called into doubt

The Jewish status of a chef born in Ukraine and working in the ready food department of the Yochananof supermarket chain was challenged by the store’s kashrut supervisor due to his origin.

Israeli supermarket employs vertical farm start-up for selling produce

The new technologies eliminate the need to rely on outdoor growers and suppliers while also providing a fresher, more eco-friendly product which needs much less water and land to grow.


Egg shortage feared in Israel in coming weeks, as High Holy Days near

One supermarket chain warned that if the public reacts to reports of a possible lockdown by buying an extra carton of eggs while shopping, a shortage would result within a week or two.

CVS, Walgreens ramp up COVID-19 testing capabilities

CVS expects to have up to 1,000 locations across the country offering this service by the end of May, with the goal of processing up to 1.5 million tests per month.

 Agricultural produce grown in the surrounding desert on display at the 2018 Arava Open Day

Agriculture Ministry new initiative encourages sale of Israeli produce

The fresh produce usually sold without being marked with the country of origin thus making it harder for shoppers who want to buy Israeli fresh produce to do so.

Britain's supermarkets wrestle with coronavirus demand conundrum

"The problem is, can you feed 60 million people at the rate you can get people through the stores with that social distancing?" one industry executive told Reuters.

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