Test your intelligence: How much does each animal in this picture weigh?

Take this riddle and see how smart you really are.

 How much does each animal weigh? (photo credit: Tiktok/Maariv)
How much does each animal weigh?
(photo credit: Tiktok/Maariv)

In the picture there are three animals, each of them with a different weight. You have to try and find out how much each animal weighs and how much they all weigh together. Think you can do it?

Shared on TikTok, the riddle was not easy and many users said they had failed to solve it. The challenge is to determine how much each animal weighs and then, how much the three animals weigh together.

In front of you is a horse, a sheep and a frog. The question can be confusing but try to concentrate and calculate the data patiently. Will you be able to reach the solution within 30 seconds?

The answer – and how to get it – is at the bottom of the article.

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Did you succeed? If not, don't worry since you are not alone. Many users reported that they were unable to figure out the answer: The weight of the horse (H) is 17 kg. and the frog (F) weighs 3 kg. (he is heavy!), so together, they weigh 20 kg. The sheep (S) weighs 7 kg. so when she is next to the frog, they both weigh 10 kilos together.

Therefore, the three animals (F+S+H) weigh 3+7+17 for a total of 27 kg.

Here is how to figure it out, if you run across a similar problem another time:

Each of the three pictures have two animals in them. Pick any two pictures; one of the animals will be in both pictures. Let's take the two with horses in them. The picture with the sheep (H+S=24) is 4 kilos more than the one with the frog (H+F=20: 24-20=4). That means the sheep is 4 kilos more than the frog. 

Now go to the third, horseless picture with the other two in it (S+F=10 kg). As we saw before, the sheep is 4 kilos more than the frog (24-20=4), so there are 6 kilos left in the third pic from the 10 (10-4=6). The sheep and frog share this 6 kg. equally – meaning that each weighs 3 of those 6 (6÷2=3). So, assuming that the frog is the lighter animal (although heavy for a frog, as you will soon see), the frog is 3 kilos and the sheep is 7 (3+4=7) kilos. 

Now go to either of the two other pics, subtract the weight of the non-horse from the horse, and you will get the weight of the horse! Horse+frog (H+F=20) minus frog (3) = horse (17); horse+sheep (H+S=24) minus sheep (7) = horse (17), so the horse weighs 17 kilos either way!

It works with any two pics that you pick first - that's the beauty of math for you!

Natan Rothstein contributed to this report.