Cat's life saved after surgery to remove more than 30 hair ties in stomach

One abandoned cat hit the lifesaving lottery when a good samaritan brought her in for a check up.

 Caspian the cat frequently takes trips outside, but she never strays too far from home. (photo credit: LIAT FRUMAN)
Caspian the cat frequently takes trips outside, but she never strays too far from home.
(photo credit: LIAT FRUMAN)

They say that curiosity killed the cat - and there is at least one feline friend who knows this to be all too true. For one cat in Charleston, South Carolina, her curiosity may have had nearly fatal complications, but thanks to emergency veterinary care, she will finally see some brighter days.

The Charleston Animal Society released the details on Thursday of the miraculous survival story of an abandoned cat named Juliet and two others found to be abandoned. The cats had been abandoned outside of their old home while their previous family moved out of state, an anonymous good samaritan told the Charleston Animal Society.

Juliet's quickly declining health

Initially, Juliet seemed fine. However, she quickly became lethargic and would not eat. It was clear that something was wrong. Radiographs showed vets that she had an unusual blockage in her stomach that would end up killing her if it was not removed.

Her doctor was in shock when she pulled out 38 hair ties from Juliet's stomach. Though on its own, these hair ties might not have been a huge deal, in excess anything can become a problem. Veterinary technicians pulled out more than three dozen hair ties that caused a blockage which kept the kitty from eating and processing any food.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Charleston Animal Society Associate Director of Veterinary Care Leigh Jamison, DVM. said. This blockage also caused a build up in fatty deposits on her liver that immediately needed to be examined.

 Hair ties in different colors. (credit: WIKIMEDIA) Hair ties in different colors. (credit: WIKIMEDIA)

“Juliet is in fair condition, but she is being fed very carefully at this time with a feeding tube,” Dr. Jamison continued. “This blockage has caused a liver condition that we are watching closely.”

While something small like a hair tie might be entertaining for your cat to play with, items like that can have major repercussions if not handled properly.