Colorado man puts dog in driver's seat, blames dog for speeding - report

The dog is currently being taken care of by an acquaintance of its owner, the driver.

 Israel Police. (photo credit: PEXELS)
Israel Police.
(photo credit: PEXELS)

A Colorado man was pulled over for speeding by local authorities over the weekend, but was arrested after officers saw the driver tried to switch places with his dog to avoid arrest.

According to police, the driver tried to switch places with his dog who was sitting in the passenger seat. An officer said that he had seen the man switch places with his four-legged passenger, insisting that the dog was behind the wheel instead of him.

The driver allegedly had shown visible signs of intoxication. When asked how much alcohol he had consumed, he ran away from the police. He was caught just 60 feet away from his car.

Springfield, Colorado, the small town where the driver was arrested, is home to a population of 1,300 people. 

The driver was checked in a hospital for intoxication before being held on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances. He also had previous warrants for his arrest issued by local authorities.

The driver's furry friend is being taken care of by an acquaintance of the driver. The dog has evaded charges. “The dog does not face any charges and was let go with just a warning,” Springfield Police wrote in the Facebook post.

Jerusalem driver detained for giving dog control of steering wheel

Police officers of the Central Traffic Unit in Jerusalem detained a car driver after they found a video on social media of him letting his dog drive his car in September 2022. The video showed the dog sitting on the man's lap, holding the steering wheel for a couple of minutes.

The suspect was located and transferred to the Jerusalem District traffic unit for reckless driving. While investigating the particulars of the case, it was found that the suspect, 35, a resident of Ein Nakuba, not only endangered road users with his illegal actions but also drove a vehicle without a valid road test.

At the end of his investigation, a traffic indictment will be filed against him and he will be prosecuted in court.

The police point out that the suspect behaved in a dangerous and improper manner when he let his dog get hold of the vehicle, thereby endangering road users.

Later, he even distributed videos of the dangerous act which later came to the attention of the police.