New kitchen hack: TikToker shares a trick to keep aluminum foil in package

A girl posted to TikTok a kitchen life hack that greatly facilitates the use of the tinfoil stored inside the cardboard package.

 Aluminum foil with package (photo credit: FLICKR)
Aluminum foil with package
(photo credit: FLICKR)

How many times have we already shown you simple tricks in the kitchen that you weren't aware of? So here's another trick that maybe some of you already know, but most of us had no idea it existed. This time we're talking about the aluminum foil package that we usually use to cover and wrap hot food.

It all started with a girl who posted a video on TikTok where she revealed the trick that greatly facilitates the use of the tinfoil stored inside the cardboard packaging.

"After a long struggle with the rolled aluminum foil, I discovered that there are two markings on the edges of the box," she revealed. "When you press them inwards, it locks the roll, making it much easier to pull out because the paper stays in place and doesn't move."

It turns out that most users were not aware of this feature, including the author of these lines, "What? I'm going to the kitchen to check it out and I'll be right back. You're simply a genius," one of the users reacted. 

 Crumpled aluminum foil (credit: PUBLICDOMAINPICTURES.NET)
Crumpled aluminum foil (credit: PUBLICDOMAINPICTURES.NET)

"I just went to check my aluminum foil package now and I wonder how I didn't know about this until now," another person wrote.

Did you not know about this?

Don't feel bad. It's a difficult thing to find unless you specifically look for it. In most packages, it's very hard to see these markings because the company's logo covers them. If you press inward where the markings are, it will prevent the foil from moving when you pull it out.

And now, ready for another mind-blowing revelation? It's also on cling wrapper packages.