This hack will make sure your roommates never steal your food again

One woman's creative approach to stopping her roommate from stealing food went viral recently, prompting mixed reactions from viewers.

 Is the food you're taking from the fridge definitely yours? (illustrative) (photo credit: PEXELS)
Is the food you're taking from the fridge definitely yours? (illustrative)
(photo credit: PEXELS)

A TikTok user named Sarah recently became an overnight sensation after sharing her unique strategy to deal with her roommate's food theft habit. In her video, which has garnered over 650,000 views in just a few days, Sarah recounts a time when she resorted to "poisoning" her own food as a retaliatory measure.

The video begins with Sarah's narration: "So let's go back two years to when I had to poison my food because my roommates kept stealing it." As the camera pans to the kitchen, Sarah, visibly frustrated and anxious due to the continuous theft, confronts the situation head-on. She discloses, "People want to drink my milk and return it empty to the fridge. Well, now they will learn."

@saatje32 And I have absolutely no regrets and yes someone drank it #university #flatmates #freshers ♬ son original - Sarah‍♂️

In a dramatic twist, Sarah proceeds to pour a generous amount of salt into the carton of milk. Despite considering it enough, she adds a little more, declaring, "You want to play? You want to disrespect me? Then you'll get an inappropriate reaction. Don't think I'm someone's b*tch or a clown." Sarah concludes the video, asserting that the modified milk has been returned to the fridge, awaiting an unsuspecting drinker.

The video's caption reads, "I have no regrets, and yes, someone drank it." Sarah's audacious act garnered mixed reactions from TikTok users. Some praised her ingenuity, believing that when others stoop low, a proportionate response is necessary.

One commenter suggested adding a laxative, but it was emphasized that such an action would be considered attempted poisoning and a criminal offense. Another user claimed that Sarah had been too lenient, suggesting she should have taken further measures against the thieving roommates.

Following the video's viral success, the New York Post attempted to contact Sarah for comment and additional details, but she remained unresponsive. While Sarah's unconventional revenge tale has captivated many, it has also raised questions about the appropriate boundaries when dealing with such roommate conflicts.

Despite the polarizing opinions, Sarah's story serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of open communication and respectful boundaries among roommates.