Israeli model Bar Refaeli's 'arrogance' sparks outrage in Germany

German media criticized the Israeli model's conduct at a high-profile fashion show, accusing her of an alleged display of arrogance.

Israeli model Bar Refaeli. (photo credit: REUTERS)
Israeli model Bar Refaeli.
(photo credit: REUTERS)

Bar Refaeli, the renowned Israeli model, has come under fire in Germany for her alleged display of arrogance. German news sites have strongly criticized Refaeli, accusing her of failing to fulfill her obligations after receiving payment to attend a prestigious fashion show in Hamburg. 

Refaeli's actions have left the Germans fuming. Reports from the German publication Bild shed light on the situation, highlighting Refaeli's extravagant treatment and subsequent snubbing of her responsibilities.

Despite enjoying a luxurious suite and indulging in the hotel's amenities, Refaeli's demeanor at the fashion show raised eyebrows. Witnesses claimed she appeared disinterested and unengaged throughout the evening. To the disappointment of organizers and fellow participants, Refaeli refused to participate in a group photo and instead went back to her hotel suite, citing fatigue.

The incident prompted swift backlash, with Refaeli being labeled a "diva." An event organizer reportedly expressed frustration, noting that she could have spared a few minutes to join the afterparty, considering how much money they had paid her to attend.

Despite attempts to reach out for comment, Refaeli remained tight-lipped on the matter.

Why was Israeli model Bar Refaeli so "disinterested" during the German fashion show?

To her credit, it should be noted that Refaeli was battling streptococcus at the time of the fashion show. She shared her positive test result through social media and stressed that she was not in her best condition when attending the show due to her health.