The funniest accident ever: A hilarious mishap on a driving training ground

Watch as a 63-year-old woman's driving practice takes a comedic turn, showing the importance of training before driving on public roads.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

In certain countries, learning to drive often begins in designated areas where aspiring drivers can familiarize themselves with cars, including handling the steering wheel, gears, navigating intersections, and lane positioning.

Back in the early 2000s, there was talk about establishing such training lots in Israel. Regulations were even defined in 2003, mandating additional training at these areas.

However, these ideas never came to fruition. An evaluation conducted in 2006 concluded that they didn't significantly contribute to improving driving skills in Israel, so they were forgotten about.

The main aim of these practice areas is to build up a foundation of driving skills before venturing out onto public roads, where interactions with other drivers come into play. A video from Argentina, captured by a CCTV at a driving training ground, perfectly illustrates why practicing car control away from public roads is essential.

Hilarious driving misadventures: Why practice off public roads is essential

The video, obtained by the BBC, shows a 63-year-old woman driving in a Volkswagen Gol. Initially, things seem fine as she completes a lap around a traffic circle without a hitch. However, the situation takes a hilarious turn as she struggles to avoid curbs and grass during her subsequent turns.

Eventually, her misadventure culminates in an unexpected acceleration onto the opposite sidewalk and into a lamp post, which ends up toppling the car onto its side.

Fortunately, the driver reportedly suffered only minor injuries and was taken to a hospital.