Noa Kirel joins Hollywood actor Noah Schnapp on an Israeli adventure

Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp embraces the glamorous Israeli experience, bonding with local stars Noa Kirel and Yehonatan Mergui.

 Israel's queen of pop, Noa Kirel. (photo credit: AVSHALOM SASSONI)
Israel's queen of pop, Noa Kirel.
(photo credit: AVSHALOM SASSONI)

Hollywood actor Noah Schnapp's visit to Israel has been nothing short of eventful. From partying in Tel Aviv to a serene trip to the Dead Sea, he's been fully embracing the Israeli culture.

His journey took a special turn as he connected with Israeli stars Noa Kirel and Yehonatan Mergui.

After putting on tefillin at the Western Wall, enjoying sunny days at Tel Aviv's beaches, and dancing the nights away at numerous parties, Schnapp found time to spend with Kirel. The two talented artists sang and danced together, delighting fans with the song that brought Israel third place in Eurovision - "Unicorn."

Moreover, Schnapp seems to have developed an appreciation for Kirel's ex, Yehonatan Mergui, and his song "Sucks to Know You." He shared videos of the song on TikTok, providing a substantial PR boost to the singer. With a staggering 32.7 million followers on TikTok alone, Schnapp's endorsement is expected to propel Mergui's career internationally.

What reactions did Noah Schnapp get online?

As with many celebrities, Noah faced some hateful comments from anti-Israel critics on social media. However, he remains undeterred. Despite encountering detractors, Noah appears content to be in Israel, experiencing the country's vibrant atmosphere.