No more wasted sauce: Life-changing trick to emptying packets in seconds

Discover the TikTok trick that ensures you extract every drop of sauce from packets in seconds. Join the sauce-saving trend!

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Have you ever struggled to squeeze every last drop of sauce from those packets sold with frozen products or as seasoning for stews? How about the tiny ketchup and mayonnaise packets from Israeli hamburger chains? We've all been there.

But fear not! A TikTok user, @andrelifehack, has shared a "life-changing" trick that will revolutionize the way you empty sauce bags, ensuring not a single drop goes to waste.

How to save your sauce

In the viral video, Andre demonstrates the ingenious method. He simply cuts off the top of the sauce packet, places it in a pot with the tip hanging outside, seals the pot with a lid, and then smoothly pulls the packet back out, squeezing all of the sauce into the pot.

Andre also suggests that you can use a bowl and plate or a pan and lid as alternatives to achieve the same result.

With over 820,000 likes, viewers are raving about this practical trick, vowing never to return to their old sauce-emptying ways.

Some users are calling it "genius" and "brilliant," while others asked if this means you need to wash the pot lid. Share your thoughts and join the sauce-saving trend today!