This traveler uncovered a secret corridor behind her hotel room's closet

A woman uploaded a terrifying video to TikTok in which she accidentally discovered a rather scary hidden room in her hotel: "It looks like it's taken from a horror movie."

 Illustrative image of a dark corridor. (photo credit: WALLPAPER FLARE)
Illustrative image of a dark corridor.
(photo credit: WALLPAPER FLARE)

Did the lion and the witch join the vacation? Diana Albers Ramirez, a traveler from Mexico, wanted to document and share her hotel room on social media. She uploaded a video to TikTok as her husband walked around their room showing off the bed, shower, view, and closets. They did not specify the name of the hotel or where it was located, but their video became a hit on the internet after the husband opened the second closet with the room's entrance card - and discovered something creepy there.

The first empty wardrobe looked perfectly normal, but the second featured a back panel that was split in half, down the middle. The husband decided to check what was lurking behind it, and after opening it with the card, he found a mysterious secret passage with a small door with a dark tunnel behind it that twisted behind the hotel room and it seemed to continue on a particularly long route. The video does not show the entire tunnel.

Around one of the corners of one corridor, another small door is seen that opens to another dark corridor with stone fragments on the ground.

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Video goes viral

The video went viral with over 5.1 million views and thousands of comments from people who were completely freaked out by the terrifying discovery.

One commenter, a man named Leon, confidently wrote: "Many hotels have hidden corridors behind the walls that only they know about. Motels use them to spy on guests, I know about it!"

Another user named Danny suggested that this is a hotel used by the criminal world because according to him, "there are many hotels involved in human trafficking."

A young surfer named Sam reinforced his words and claimed: "At the hotel where my sister works, the owner is involved with some dangerous people. They did it like this at their hotel - with damp tunnels to escape in case they come looking for them."