Parents break eggs on innocent children's heads in new TikTok trend

Parents on TikTok are participating in a shocking trend by breaking eggs on their children's heads, causing distress and concern.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

You didn't really think a week could pass without a new bizarre, dangerous, or sick trend taking over TikTok, did you? Well, the latest alarming and horrifying trend involves parents breaking eggs on the heads of innocent children while cooking.

From making pancakes to omelettes and more, many parents have received strong reactions online after filming themselves cracking eggs on their children's heads as part of this current trend. Shockingly, they do so without preparing their children in advance for what is about to happen. Videos of parents who failed the "egg cracking challenge" have garnered millions of views on TikTok, creating a stir on the platform.

In most cases, the children react with offense, complaining that their parents have "hurt them" and bursting into tears, while the parents seem amused by the whole ordeal. However, there have also been instances where the children "go along" with the trend and awkwardly giggle.

One video shows a young woman smashing an egg on a boy's head, leaving him bewildered and exclaiming, "What the hell?"

Trend receives negative reactions

Viewers were quick to condemn the parents' actions. In response to a video of a mother using her daughter as a human egg cracker, one commenter sympathetically said, "Poor thing, she looked so hurt and confused." Another chimed in, "She seemed really excited to cook with you. You were the only one laughing." A different user stated, "And that's how you lose trust."

 THE ROZNIS provided Jerusalem’s residents with fresh eggs during the Independence Day siege (Illustrative).  (credit: FLASH90)
THE ROZNIS provided Jerusalem’s residents with fresh eggs during the Independence Day siege (Illustrative). (credit: FLASH90)

@aishaxhader The ending caught me off guard | she acted like nothing happended #foryou #eggcrackchallenge #eggprank #toddlersoftiktok #viral ♬ original sound - Aisha & Hader

Sarah Adams, known as @mom.charted on TikTok, has been one of the harshest critics of this trend. She frequently raises awareness about the dangers of oversharing by parents on the platform.

"When I see these videos, I can't help but wonder, are we as parents so bored and desperate for content?" she said "Is it really 2023, and we are cracking eggs on our children's heads just for an amusing reaction to entertain strangers on the internet?"