Cockroach takes a plane ride: Uninvited guest gets attention and amuses passengers

A passenger on a flight in China discovered a cockroach on the window beside her for almost three hours at an altitude of 32,808 feet.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

In a viral tale from China, a cockroach managed to sneak onto a plane and garnered attention as a female passenger snapped photos of its in-flight adventure right by the window. The traveler was en route from Ningbo to Xishuangbanna in southern Yunnan, China, when she noticed a conspicuously giant cockroach enjoying its time at the window, as reported by Jimu News.

The passenger, Guo, captured images of the cockroach caught between the two panes of the aircraft window, amusingly moving up and down during the 2-hour and 40-minute flight. Sharing these comical snapshots on social media caused them to go viral quickly.

What did Guo have to say?

Guo conveyed to Jimu News: "I assumed it would hang on for maybe two minutes, then take off and fly away. That's why I didn't bother notifying the flight attendants. I couldn't determine if it was on the outer side of the window or wedged between the inner and outer panes; somehow, it endured the entire flight."

Her video attracted millions of views and prompted entertaining remarks from online users. One person jokingly remarked, "Cockroaches are said to endure even atomic blasts, but enduring 32,808 feet in the air? Now that's a different tale." Another jestfully questioned, "Anyone checked if it bought a ticket?" The mystery of how the cockroach ended up between the window's two panes remains undisclosed.