7 minutes of afterlife: A 60-year-old's revelation and return from death

A man suffered cardiac arrest, died briefly, and described the sensations of his near-death experience.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

In a remarkable account, a man in his 60s faced death on February 9, 2013, as he suffered a cardiac arrest after sharing a meal with his wife Alison near their south-east London residence. The incident led him to share his extraordinary encounter with the afterlife, providing a unique perspective on the moments following his apparent demise. Shiv Grewal offered a vivid portrayal of his experience, shedding light on the sensations and revelations that unfolded during the minutes he was declared deceased.

Grewal's heart stopped beating by the time paramedics reached the scene in response to his partner's emergency call. Reflecting on the ordeal, he expressed, "I knew, somehow, that I was dying."

Grewal detailed how he felt profoundly detached from his physical body as if he occupied an ethereal void. He recounted experiencing emotions and sensations without the constraints of a human form. Grewal likened this sensation to weightless swimming in the water and revealed, "I walked over the moon and could see meteorites and the whole space."

Grewal's desire to return

During his otherworldly encounter, Grewal described being presented with a series of options, including various lives and possibilities of reincarnation. However, he steadfastly expressed his desire to return to his earthly existence, emphasizing his longing to reunite with his wife and embrace life again. His account encapsulated the profound choices he faced, underscoring his unwavering determination to continue living in the realm of the living.

The paramedics' timely intervention restored Grewal's pulse after seven minutes of being devoid of vital signs. Urgently taken into surgery, Grewal received a stent to alleviate a complete blockage in his main artery. However, the lack of oxygen during his cardiac arrest resulted in cerebral hypoxia, leaving him with epilepsy. Despite the challenges that ensued, Grewal's experience instigated transformative changes in his life's trajectory.

A journey of self-discovery

Confronting the aftermath of his near-death experience, Grewal embarked on a therapeutic journey of self-discovery through art. He channeled his memories of the encounter with the unknown into his artistic endeavors. Currently, his creations are on display at a London hotel until September's end, offering viewers a visual representation of the profound revelations he underwent.

Grewal's encounter with the boundaries of mortality prompted personal evolution and strengthened his belief in the existence of life after death. He revealed a nuanced perspective: "I'm less afraid of dying because of what I went through, but at the same time, I'm also filled with a fear of losing the preciousness of life." His renewed appreciation for existence propelled him to cherish every moment and strive for self-improvement. He concluded, "I feel it deep inside me."