Heart attack

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  Stroke (illustrative)

Can getting angry cause a stroke? Doctors explain

One in 11 strokes occurs about one hour after an emotional upheaval or intense physical exercise.

By Walla!
  Stroke (illustrative)

Do you have a ticking time bomb in your chest that could cause a stroke?

This circumstance greatly increases your risk of having a stroke, and there’s a way to know if you have this characteristic. 

By Walla!

J'lem synagogues to install hundreds of defibrillators for High Holidays

The defibrillators in question are automatic - meaning that they can be operated easily and independently, with no need for previous medical training.

Baron Benjamin de Rothschild dies at 57 after suffering heart attack

In April, he and his wife donated NIS 50 million for purchasing medical equipment for 22 hospitals in Israel.

Gil, his wife Dana, and MDA Paramedic Ahmad Abo Shah.

Husband saves wife's life right after completing MDA's CPR course

During Rosh Hashanah, Dana felt pain in her chest, had difficulty breathing and collapsed. Gil, who found her barely conscious on the shower floor.

Virtual image of human heart

Soroka researchers develop new method to diagnose heart attack

The preliminary research tested the presence of troponin, which is found in the blood heart attack patients, in the patients' saliva.

Eilon Atel was saved by paramedics Feras Rayes and Amit Orenshten after suffering a heart attack whi

Medical miracle: 13-yr-old who suffered heart attack saved by MDA

The team carried out chest compressions as agonizing minutes dragged by, in addition to administering medication and electric shocks via a defibrillator.

Medical miracle in Jerusalem: Hadassah revives teen after heart attack

When the family entered the 17-year-old's room, they found her lying on the floor - blue to the face, without a pulse.

Yuval Carmi, an Israeli falafel shop owner, with Prof. Kobi George at the Kaplan Medical Center

Crying Israeli falafel shop owner suffers heart attack

'It is definitely possible to say that he took these things to heart. Without a doubt'

Vectorious' in-heart microcomputers

Hillel's Tech Corner: Vectorious - Taking technology to heart. Literally.

The Vectorious team, which is now more than 30 members strong, has successfully implanted in-heart micro computers in multiple countries across Europe and Israel.

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