Woman covered in chocolate served as dessert in front of children

Resort apologizes as teenage girl condemns "disgusting" sight of woman covered in chocolate next to pastries.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

An Italian luxury hotel was forced to apologize after it covered a woman in a bikini with liquid chocolate. It included her in the dessert buffet, where children were also present. A teenage girl expressed disgust at the "disgusting" display, prompting the resort to apologize.

Federico Macchiri, a guest at the hotel in the village of Voi Colonna on the Italian island of Sardinia, shared his and his 14-year-old daughter's disappointment on his LinkedIn account. He witnessed a worker being drenched in chocolate syrup and made to lie on a dessert table for at least 30 minutes.

How patrons described it

"Last night, after a beautiful day where many people worked hard to ensure the guests had a carefree day, I was speechless when I saw this scene," Machiri wrote. He expressed concern over the objectification of the female body and questioned the acceptability of such behavior.

When Machiri approached the hotel management to raise his concerns, he was met with dismissal. The staff tried to downplay the situation by claiming the woman was a "chocolate statue." However, Machiri's post gained traction online, leading to widespread outrage.

The hotel responded, apologizing to Machiri, his family, and especially his daughter. They promised immediate action to address the incident and ensure that no customer feels harmed in the future.