Mind-bending optical illusion: Can you spot the hidden animal in just 3 seconds?

A viral riddle making rounds on social media: Can you find the hidden cat in a drawing of a woman cleaning her house?

 A cat in a basket (Illustrative) (photo credit: Vadim B/Pexels)
A cat in a basket (Illustrative)
(photo credit: Vadim B/Pexels)

Only those with sharp eyesight possessed the ability to spot the elusive feline within this captivating image. Originally shared on TikTok, it baffled viewers who embarked on the challenge of discovering the hidden cat amidst its intricate details.

While some confidently asserted that finding the concealed creature was an insurmountable task, a more careful examination reveals the truth. The answer rests subtly upon the lady's left shoulder, but unlocking the secret requires a simple adjustment – turn your mobile device to the right.

Were you able to spot the cat?

If not, don't fret; it took us a bit over a minute as well. Always keep an eye out for those delightful unexpected surprises.