Purim joke or too close to home? Parody "Mossad" mocks Israeli elections

The Mossad's favorite spoof Twitter account is ready for Purim!

The Mossad parody twitter account (photo credit: TWITTER SCREENSHOT)
The Mossad parody twitter account
(photo credit: TWITTER SCREENSHOT)
Purim is just around the corner, and the spoof Mossad Twitter account might be the frontrunner for harshest Purim spiel.
"For those who do not understand our culture, we are celebrating a special time right now in Israel where it is customary for even the most serious among us to make complete asses of themselves and parade around in a ridiculous facade for all to see," the fake Mossad account tweeted. But instead of referring to the upcoming Purim holiday where many drink and dress up, the punchline was instead "Israeli elections."

The Mossad Twitter is unfortunately not run by the Mossad itself, but instead a mild-mannered Canadian living in Modi’in, Shawn Eni. Eni started the account as a joke, of course, in September 2016. He never really thought anybody would take it seriously – after all, he was not poking fun at the Mossad itself.
As of Wednesday, Eni has more than 100,000 followers.
Amy Spiro contributed to this report.