'Fly Better' (and Kosher) with Emirates

The Jerusalem Post Podcast - Travel Edition, Episode 45

 Emirates flights (photo credit: Courtesy)
Emirates flights
(photo credit: Courtesy)

Dubai's Emirates is widely recognized as one of the world's top airlines. As the carrier launches a second daily flight between Tel Aviv and the UAE, Mark and David take you behind the scenes to learn what makes the airline so special... 

Emirates flight (Credit: Courtesy)Emirates flight (Credit: Courtesy)
  • Getting there is half the fun (when you're down one)
  • Emirates - the view from the top
  • From chauffeurs to champers - traveling in style
  • The business lounge offering
  • The boys are airborne - but will they behave?
  • Creating the on-board entertainment experience
  • It's always time for food
  • Meet the chef
  • Dining kosher with Emirates and in the United Arab Emirates
  • Happy ever after
A Kosher Arabia meal (Credit: MarkDavidPod)A Kosher Arabia meal (Credit: MarkDavidPod)

Mark and David were guests of Emirates.

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