Inside Israeli Innovation, ep. 1: Top tech trends of 2023

Join Maayan Hoffman and Zachy Hennessey at OurCrowd

Inside Israeli Innovation (photo credit: JERUSALEM POST STAFF)
Inside Israeli Innovation
(photo credit: JERUSALEM POST STAFF)

In this first episode of Inside Israeli Innovation, meet your hosts, Maayan Hoffman and Zachy Hennessey, as they take you to the OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, where around 9,000 people from around the world gathered to touch and feel Israeli technology. Talk about the Top 10 tech trends for 2023 with Eli Nir, Senior Investment Partner - OurCrowd, and Stav Erez, Partner - Labs/02. Then, join Maayan for a conversation with Abdulla Abdul Aziz AlShamsi, acting director-general of the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, and discover the Abraham Accords' increased role in Israeli tech.

About Inside Israeli Innovation

Israel is the Start-up Nation, the Scale-up Nation, the Unicorn Country. Join Maayan Hoffman, Jerusalem Post Deputy CEO - Strategy & Innovation, and Zachy Hennessey, JPost Business Correspondent, for their analysis of the most critical Israeli tech innovations. In each episode, they’ll highlight a new tech trend, discuss the latest innovation news and interview at least one of Israel’s most promising companies. So if you like to know what’s on the cutting edge, this Jerusalem Post show is for you.

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