Six secrets to a happy life and everything we know about Omicron

The Jerusalem Post Podcast - Health & Wellness Edition with Maayan Hoffman and Rossella Tercatin

Meditation (photo credit: INGIMAGE / ASAP)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE / ASAP)

In this special edition of the Jerusalem Post Podcast - Health & Wellness Edition, Senior Health Analyst Maayan Hoffman and Health Reporter Rossella Tercatin conduct a fascinating interview with Michael Shpigelmacher CEO of Bionaut Labs, an Israeli-American start-up that designs remote-controlled micro-robots revolutionizing the treatment of central nervous system disorders, targeting deep brain structures safely and precisely. Find out how this robot could save lives.

This time, "It's all about Omicron!"

Though everyone hoped the winter would look differently, we are faced with a yet another variant outbreak and on the verge of the country's fifth COVID-19 wave. Omicron cases are rising, Hoffman and Tercatin explain, though serious cases and mortality rates are going down.

Omicron is at least four times more infectious than the Delta variant, research is starting to show. 

Israel reacted swiftly by shuttering Israel's airport once again to foreigners, a decision that was extended through December 22. All Israelis are likewise asked to isolate for a minimum of three days on return to the country from abraod. 

Does the vaccine work? They talk about when we will really know. And also look at why Israel's vaccination remains at only 60%. 

As we expect the weather to get colder this upcoming week, another issue that was brought to the table is the flu outbreak in Israel. Last winter, the flu completely disappeared. There was not even one case in Israel. We can assume this was caused at least in part by social distancing, lockdowns, wearing masks and washing hands.

But this year flu cases are quickly going up. There were 300 people hospitalized with flu as of the weekend, nearly double the number we saw in 2019. And, here too, vaccination numbers are really down. 

They end up the episode on a happy note, sharing with us the six things you must do to have a happy and healthy life.

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