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COVID booster effectiveness wanes after 3 months, study shows

Data in a new clinical trial was consistent with real-world reports showing waning protection against COVID-19 infection during the Omicron wave in people who received vaccines and a booster.

3 cases of coronavirus variant BA.2.75 found in Israel

The variant, nicknamed "Centaurus" on Twitter, was first found in India in early June, and has since spread quickly across a wide geographic area.

A health worker is seen preparing to administer the a third COVID-19 booster shot (illustrative).

COVID-19 booster shots are crucial, according to a Yale study

New study by Yale, UNC, shows that peak antibody levels achieved by getting vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine exceed those gained from natural infection.

4th COVID-19 vaccine effective in protecting elderly against Omicron - study

Elderly recipients of the fourth dose of the vaccine were observed to be 67% less likely to be hospitalized than those who got the third dose.


New COVID-19 tests can identify variants in hours - study

Scientists at UT Southwestern have successfully developed a test than can "successfully differentiate between all current variants of the coronavirus."

Scientists keeping an eye on new COVID variant BA.2.75

The new variant has nine mutations on its spike protein and has spread to at least eight countries.


COVID-19: Aid for Omicron-impacted businesses approved by Knesset

The amount of the grant will change depending on the turnover of the business in a base year.

COVID-19: Commissioner implores public to wear masks

If the public does not listen and implement this request, the government will soon consider making mask-wearing indoors mandatory.

Prof. Nachman Ash: We are at the start of a new COVID-19 wave

The Health Ministry is considering bringing back a mask mandate in enclosed spaces, but does not intend to reinstate any of the large-scale restrictions seen during previous waves.

Omicron less likely to cause long COVID - UK study

The study from King's is believed to be the first academic research to show Omicron does not present as great a risk of long COVID, but that does not mean long COVID patient numbers are dropping.

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