Eastern Anatolia: Kars, Caucasians and Even Kardashians!

The Jerusalem Post Podcast - Travel Edition, Episode 27

 Cildir Lake  (photo credit: DAVID HARRIS)
Cildir Lake
(photo credit: DAVID HARRIS)

Mark and David put on their thermals and head to the far east of Turkey to discover World Heritage, spectacular views, furry friends and plenty of local music and dance.

Kars by the fireplace (Credit: David Harris)Kars by the fireplace (Credit: David Harris)

 This time:

·  Dawn at Istanbul’s super airport

·  Getting goose-bumps with a musical lunch

·  A trek through snowy Kars

·  Kars by the fireside

·  The only Jew in the UNESCO village

·  Riding on a horse drawn sled

·  Something fishy in the frozen lake

·  Turkish love for music rap battles

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 Mark and David were guests of Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency and Turkish Airlines.

Snowy Kars (Credit: David Harris)Snowy Kars (Credit: David Harris)