Reinventing Lodz: A Polish City With a Big Story to Tell

The Jerusalem Post Podcast - Travel Edition, Episode 56

Lodz Jewish Cemetery Pre-Burial Building (photo credit: @MarkDavidPod   )
Lodz Jewish Cemetery Pre-Burial Building
(photo credit: @MarkDavidPod )

Mark and David take you around the "Manchester of Poland." It has had to change with the times - from cotton powerhouse to post-industrial entertainment center via World War II and communism. They discover how the city's Jewish community contributed to Lodz' significant growth.

This time:

  • We're here but have no idea how to pronounce the city's name!
  • What Lodz has to offer the visitor
  • Turning a huge cotton mill into a 21st-Century paradise
  • Who was Izrael Poznanski?
  • The Arthur Rubinstein story
  • When is a power station not a power station?
  • Remembering Lodz's Jews in one of Europe's largest Jewish cemeteries
  • From 19th-Century fabric center to ultra-modern museum
  • Welcome to Hollywooj - one of the world's great movie meccas

Mark and David were guests of the Lodz Tourism Organization and the Polish Tourism Organisation.

A courtyard in central Lodz (Credit: @MarkDavidPod)A courtyard in central Lodz (Credit: @MarkDavidPod)

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