5 Best Automatic Floor Cleaning Machines for 2017

It's time to take the hard work out of cleaning floors. Read on to find out the best automatic floor cleaning machines for 2016. You won't be disappointed!

Automatic Floor Cleaning Machines (photo credit: PR)
Automatic Floor Cleaning Machines
(photo credit: PR)
Scrubbing floors is so much easier when you don't have to drag the mop and bucket along with you. In fact, convenience stores are even embracing the power of an automatic floor scrubber. It not only saves them time, but it gets the floors as clean as they can possibly get.
We decided to go on a journey and find out which floor scrubbers truly stand out as the best ones that manufacturers have to offer. You can thank us later for the time that our reviews have saved you in searching for information about particular machines.

1. Minuteman Walk-Behind Automatic Scrubber: $5,429, Amazon

This floor scrubber has the ability to clean up to 17,000 square feet per hour, which makes it capable of handling just about any size job. While the pricing is on the higher end, Minuteman has made cleaning floors easy, without requiring the user to manually adjust the squeegees.
Don't worry about getting tangled up in a cord either, as it's a battery-operated unit. Simplicity seems to have been embraced in this automatic floor cleaning machine/scrubber, and this makes the higher price tag worth every penny.

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2. Clarke Vantage 14 Commercial Walk Behind Automatic Scrubber 14 Inch Disc: $2,999.99, Amazon

When you want the floor to be ready for use immediately after scrubbing it, this is the route to go since Clarke Vantage thrives on providing this option with this particular machine. It is also battery-powered, which means you don't have to worry about plugging it in while cleaning.
You'll get over an hour and a half of operating time out of one charge, which makes the scrubber able to take on projects that require a little more time.

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3. Global Heavy-Duty Automatic Floor Cleaning Machine: $4,942, Amazon

Do you have a lot of floor coverage? This is one of the bigger options available, and it enables its users to scrub up to 21,600 feet of floor per hour. It can last up to 5 hours thanks to its dual batteries. If you have a huge amount of floor to scrub, this is without a doubt the better option when compared to competing machines.
Sure the price is high, but its capabilities make it a valuable addition to your business. You simply can't get a machine that can cover as much floor as this one any cheaper. It also comes backed with a 5-year warranty on critical parts (motor and castings) as well as a 12-year warranty on the housing itself.

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4. Global Automatic Floor Scrubbing Machine - Two 215 Amp Batteries: $5,882, Amazon

This is a wider version (26 inches to be exact) of the automatic floor scrubber that we reviewed from Global. It still covers up to 21,600 square feet per hour, but your passes are sure to be bigger than you could get with the 20-inch alternative option.
This line of automatic floor scrubbers is trusted by those with high demands. It's designed to be used in bigger areas and make the cleaning process a breeze. What more could you ask for?

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5. Qleeno QS101 Standard Low Profile Automatic Floor Scrubber, 0.8 Gallon Tank Volume, 230/115V: $839.95, Amazon

This is one of the more economical solutions, and it's tailored to reach low spaces (such as underneath benches). While it may not be as big as the other automatic floor scrubbers we reviewed, it still upholds its usefulness for commercial needs. It features a unique design that allows the machine to hover as its being used.
For those on a budget and who don't have a huge amount of floor space, this is the ideal option. If an extremely dry floor and large amount of floor coverage is what you seek, one of the other options that we featured here may be the right choice.

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Are you ready to have the cleanest floors on the block?

Well the only thing left to do is choose which automatic floor cleaning machine/scrubber above that suits your needs. We linked to the lowest available price to help you save money as well. By investing in an automatic floor scrubber, you're sure to have a floor that's spotless.


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